Anthony Crolla vs. Ricky Burns Results: Exciting Main Event Goes The Distance

Welcome to Fightful's live coverage of Anthony Crolla vs. Ricky Burns. Two former world champions engage in a last-gasp fight to remain in title contention. The loser could potentially be staring at the end of his career. 

We'll be bringing you live results of the entire card, which includes quick recaps of the undercard and full, round-by-round coverage of the main event.

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Here is the televised main card (2 p.m. ET: AWE TV in the U.S./ Sky Sports in the U.K.):

  • Anthony Crolla defeats Ricky Burns via unanimous decision (116-113, 117-112, 116-114)
  • Conor Benn defeated Nathan Clarke via TKO, round 1
  • Mohamed Mimoune defeated Sam Eggington via split decision (116-112, 112-116, 115-113) to win the European Welterweight Title
  • Lewis Ritson defeated Robbie Barrett via TKO, round 7, to win the British Lightweight Title
  • Hosea Burton defeated Ratu Latianara via TKO, round 1
  • Scott Cardle defeated Lee Connelly via PTS (59-56)

Here is the untelevised undercard:

  • Gavin McDonnell defeated Jozsef Ajtai via KO, round 1
  • Charlie Flynn defeated Liam Richards via PTS
  • Sam Hyde defeated Gheorghe Danut via PTS (58-55)
  • Marcus Morrison defeated Mariusz Biskupski via TKO, round 4
  • Jake Haigh defeated Anthony Fox via PTS (40-36)
  • Joe Ham defeated Jose Aguilar via PTS (60-54)



Scott Cardle vs. Lee Connelly: Lightweight Bout: Cardle looked good in this fight and Connelly relied on defense throughout the early portion of the fight. Cardle begins the fight dominating by using the right hook, pressuring Connelly to the ropes numerous times. Cardle has a solid jab, which helped in taking Connelly out of rhythm at numerous times in the fight. This was the type of confidence-boosting win that Cardle needs, but it should be noted that Connelly did come into the fight with a 7-23-3 record. The fight wasn't really competitive for the most part.

Official result: Scott Cardle defeated Lee Connelly via PTS (59-56)

Hosea Burton vs. Ratu Latianara: Light Heavyweight Bout: This fight was a joke. Burton knocked down Latianara 40 seconds into the first round. Burton then knocks Latianata back down seconds after he gets back up from the first knockdown. The referee stopped the fight late in the round. Not much to see here.

Official result: Hosea Burton defeated Ratu Latianara via TKO, round 1

Robbie Barrett (c) vs. Lewis Ritson: British Lightweight Title Bout: The fight itself was a pretty good one, best of the televised card so far, given that it was mostly one-sided. Barrett got some early offense, but for the majority of the fight, it was more Barrett dominating the fight. Barrett was performing well when he was the aggressor and in the center of the ring, but Ritson's footwork helped escape from danger at various parts. Ritson started to get some confidence beginning in the fifth round and it translated to a knockdown in the sixth round, which was Ritson's best round of the fight. Ritson's body shots started to affect Barrett greatly, especially in the middle rounds and Barrett started to play more defense as the fight got deeper. Barrett landed a hard counter left body hook on Ritson, which ended the fight right there. Barrett's title reign, and 11-fight win streak, is over.

Official result: Lewis Ritson defeated Robbie Barrett via TKO, round 7, to win the British Lightweight Title

Sam Eggington (c) vs. Mohamed Mimoune: European Welterweight Title Bout: Mimoune brought the fight to Eggington to start the bout. A few rounds into the fight, Eggington starts to back up Mimoune on the ropes and work the body at times, but doesn't follow up on some of the combinations Eggington is throwing. Eggington started to get a lot of momentum starting at the end of the fourth round because Eggington is pressuring Mimoune and landing cleaner punches. Those punches are also starting split through Mimoune's defense, but it is not like Mimoune started to throw way less punches. Mimoune got a couple of rounds late in the fight to make it a much closer fight in the cards. 

The U.S. stream of the fight went down in round 10. In the 11th round, Eggington goes back to pressuring Mimoune into the ropes, but Mimoune defended against Eggington's pressure relatively well. Eggington's face got pretty battered and bruised throughout the course of the fight, but has shown a lot of toughness in not slowing down pretty much at any point of the fight. Eggington did look a bit sluggish at times, but not terrible. Mimoune looked great in the second half of the fight, not allowing Eggington's pressure to affect him much. Mimoune was a heavy underdog coming into this fight and it did look like he would just be Eggington's fifth straight opponent to get knocked out. I had Mimoune up 115-113.

Official result: Mohamed Mimoune defeated Sam Eggington via split decision (116-112, 112-116, 115-113) to win the European Welterweight Title

Conor Benn vs. Nathan Clarke: Welterweight Fight: If you saw the Burton vs. Latianara fight, then you pretty much saw this one. Benn knocked down Clarke early in the first round and followed up with a second knowckdown seconds later, only for the referee to stop the fight late in the round. Benn picks up his ninth pro win and seventh pro knockout win.

Official result: Conor Benn defeated Nathan Clarke via TKO, round 1

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