Fightful Boxing Newsletter (10/12): Miguel Cotto Retirement Fight, Boxing Hall Of Fame Ballot

By the time you're reading this, Miguel Cotto, and the boxing community, already knows who his final opponent will be: Sadam Ali.

Ali may not be the most attractive to be Cotto's last fight. In fact, there's probably at least a dozen boxers the boxing community would rather see fight Cotto than Ali. But it's not to say this fight won't be competitive. After all, many thought Manny Pacquiao would steamroll Jeff Horn earlier this year, but we all know how that turned out. But the difference here is that Cotto is calling it quits, win or lose. The opponent never really mattered in the grand scheme of things. The boxing public will be looking at this fight as the culmination of a Hall of Fame career instead of some set up fight for Cotto down the line. Cotto has earned the privilege of fighting whoever he wants.

Speaking of the Hall of Fame, the International Boxing Hall of Fame sent out its ballot to an exclusive list of boxing writers and we now know the 32 candidates for the upcoming Hall of Fame ceremony. Newcomers Vitali Klitschko, Erik Morales and Ricky Hatton highlight this year's group with other notable names such as Chris Eubank and Ivan Calderon taking a spot in this year's Hall of Fame ballot.

Cotto's last fight, the Hall of Fame and a busy weekend in European boxing highlight this week's Fightful's boxing newsletter.

Fightful Boxing Newsletter (10/12) Table Of Contents:

  1. Miguel Cotto's Retirement Fight (Page 2)
  2. WBC Convention Notes (Page 3)
  3. Weekend Recap (Page 4)
  4. Results From The World Of Boxing (Page 5)
  5. Fightful Boxing Rankings (Page 6-7)
  6. Other News In Boxing (Page 8)
  7. International Boxing Hall Of Fame Ballot (Page 9)

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