Manny Pacquiao vs. Jeff Horn Review

An independent review of the scoring in Manny Pacquiao's WBO welterweight world title loss to Jeff Horn has confirmed the outcome in favor of Horn.

In a statement earlier this week, the WBO announced five anonymous judges reviewed the fight. The statement also said three of the five independent judges who reviewed the bout awarded it to Horn, one awarded it to Pacquiao and one scored a draw. WBO president Francisco Valcarcel asked the judges, who came from different countries and remained anonymous, to assign their own scores to rounds.

I had taken the liberty of rescoring the fight, this time without any commentary and crowd noise to see whether or not Horn did win the fight. I ultimately thought Pacquiao won upon second review, but it wasn't the clear robbery that many are arguing.

Official Judges Scorecards:

  • Judge Waleksa Roldan: 117-111 Horn
  • Judge Chris Flores: 115-113 Horn
  • Judge Ramon Cerdan: 115-113 horn

WBO Judges Scorecards:

  • Judge #1: 114-113 Pacquiao
  • Judge #2: 114-114 Draw
  • Judge #3: 115-113 Horn
  • Judge #4: 114-113 Horn
  • Judge #5: 114-113 Horn

My Scorecards:

  • First Viewing (With live ESPN commentary): 115-113 Pacquiao
  • Second Viewing (No commentary and no crowd noise): 115-113 Pacquiao

When breaking down all eight judges' scorecards, there are several rounds where I do agree with the score -- namely rounds one, six and 12. In addition to those three rounds, most of the judges believe Horn won rounds two, four and seven, which by that point would have made it a draw on almost all of the cards. When I rescored the fight, I did give Horn rounds two and four, but that ws the extent of my scoring for Horn.

Even without listening to an obviously pro-Pacquiao commentary team at ESPN, I believe Pacquiao won the fight, although I certainly do not think it is as big a robbery as people make it out to be. Some rounds were somewhat close because Horn was definitely the more aggressive fighter and some judges like to see that when scoring fights. All that is left is the inevitable rematch.

As for a rematch, Australia is very interested in hosting Horn vs. Pacquiao 2. Sydney and Melbourne are now poised to make multimillion-dollar offers to host the rematch.

According to the Courier Mail, officials at Etihad Stadium, which can seat 56,000 fans under a retractable roof, have indicated their interest in staging one of the world’s most anticipated fights in conjunction with the Melbourne Cup. While the Horn camp are keen to have the rematch at Suncorp Stadium there are concerns over Brisbane’s November heat and potential for rain at an outdoor fight in Horn’s hometown.

ANZ Stadium, which could seat more than 80,000 people and is located in Sydney is also looming as a threat to Brisbane, as management there see a potential Horn vs. Pacquiao rematch as a way to showcase Sydney to the world in the same way Brisbane was advertised to hundreds of millions of viewers in 159 countries during the telecast from Suncorp Stadium. ESPN took over main broadcasting duties for the fight, which did record numbers in terms of viewership for a boxing fight on cable.

Even if Pacquiao does win back the WBO welterweight world title, it's hard to imagine that there is much else waiting for him. Many people would say that Pacquiao won the fight, but many of those same people would say that Pacquiao's boxing days should be coming to a halt very soon.

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