Lennox Lewis Is A Fan Of MMA

MMA has been getting a lot of attention as of late, from UFC 200 week, to major news in MMA, including the UFC being sold for $4 million, and even for Bellator.

Boxing legend and former heavyweight world champion Lennox Lewis is among those that have enjoyed the MMA festivities as of late. Lewis was at Bellator 158 and gave his thoughts on the sport. He also was a part of the event, held in London, where he was front and center at the weigh-ins.

Although boxing and MMA are two different sports, the former champ and Olympic gold medalist told MMA Junkie in an interview, that, as a fighter, you just enjoy watching two combatants fight head on.

“Fighters love to see fights," Lewis said. "It’s appealing to me because I’m a fighter and I look at a situation when two guys are fighting (and think about) what I would do."

Lewis also acknowledged the kicking aspect of mixed martial arts and how much of an important tool it is for a fighter's chances of victory.

“And the strikes from the feet – I didn’t know you could get so much power from your foot. Some of these guys let go of kicks, and it’s amazing.”

By Carlos Toro

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