Adam Lopez vs. Danny Roman WBA World Title Eliminator Live Viewing Party

Welcome to's live viewing party of Adam Lopez vs. Danny Roman. This fight is a WBA world title eliminator and the winner becomes the mandatory challenger for Nehomar Cermeno's WBA "regular" junior featherweight world title. We'll be bringing you full, round-by-round coverage of the televised card which will be broadcasted on Showtime.

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Here's the main fight card (Showtime, 10 p.m. ET):

Danny Roman defeated Adam Lopez via TKO (corner stoppage), round 9, 3:00 to become the mandatory challenger for Nehomar Cermeno's WBA "regular" junior featherweight world title

Ronald Ellis defeated Christopher Brooker via unanimous decision (77-75, 79-73, 79-73)

Kenneth Sims Jr. defeated Emmanuel Robles via unanimous decision (78-73, 79-72, 79-72) 



Kenneth Sims Jr. vs. Emmanuel Robles

Round 1: Robles starts off with a ferocious left hand, pressuring Sims to the ropes. Sims does not back down, using the right hand to dish out damage. The two men exchange punches, Robles with the left hand and Sims going to the body. Sims starts to work the body more with a right hook. Sims has Robles on the ropes and hits an uppercut on the body. Robles gets out of trouble with a spin. Sims connects on a left jab. Sims hits another uppercut to Robles' chin.

Fightful scored round 1 for Sims 10-9 

Round 2: Robles lands a right hook and Sims counters with several jabs to Robles' head. Robles lunges forward with a straight left. Sims then uses the jab to work the body, then follows up with an uppercut and left hook. SIms gets an uppercut on the inside against Robles. Sims hits a 3-punch combo, leading a left. Robles then has Sims on the ropes momentarily, but Sims gets out easily.

Fightful scored round 2 for Sims 10-9 

Round 3: Sims hits a left body hook, then a right hand to Robles' head. Robles has Sims on the ropes, but Sims blocks or dodges his way out of several punches thrown by Robles. Sims drops his mouthpiece and the fight is paused for him to get it back. Robles comes back with a hard left. Sims then takes the fight up close and uses several uppercuts to land various punches to Robles' chin. Sims keeps landing several power punches and then hits a hard left hand to Robles' chin. Robles isn't hurting too badly though.

Fightful scored round 3 for Sims 10-9  

Round 4: The two men start brawling, throwing wild punches, but neither man gets hurt too badly. Sims' body jab gets blocked, then lands a jab to Robles' chin. Robles misses a left hook. Sims' body jab gets blocked again. Both boxers are in a bit of break, barely throwing anything for about 30 seconds. Robles misses more punches, then Sims lands another body shot. The two men get on the inside but didn't lan anything hard to end the round.

Fightful scored round 4 for Sims 10-9 

Round 5: Robles closes the distance and lands a couple of punches to Sims' chin. Sims is in the corner and Robles is trying to land several punches, but they appear sluggish. Sims is moving around the ring, not throwing much. Sims lands a hard jab on Robles' chin. The two men clinch and Robles lands a couple of body hooks. Sims lands another jab. 

Fightful scored round 5 for Sims 10-9 

Round 6: Robles comes out with a land hand, but doesn't land hard. Robles connects hard, and Sims throws out his piece, prompting a point deduction. Robles goes to the body with a couple of uppercuts. Robles starts land more body shots. Robles has Sims in the corner, then lands a hard left to Sims' chin. Sims lands a jab. Robles comes back with a left. Robles now lands more of those left hand punches to end the round.

Fightful scored round 6 for Robles 10-8 

Round 7: Sims starts moving around the ring and Robles now chases and starts landing more punches. Sims lands a short hook to Robles' chin. The two men clinch near the ropes, but nothing happens. Robles keeps working the body, but Sims then responds with a body hook. Robles then lands an inside hook. Sims is moving around the ring and doesn't land much.

Fightful scored round 7 for Robles 10-9 

Round 8: Robles goes for a left hand, but it is blocked. The two men exchange hooks and Robles then goes for a left jab. Sims hits a couple of short hooks. Sims lands a jab to Robles' head. Robles connects on a hard left hook. Sims is now much more animated in this round and throwing more punches. Sims throws a flurry of body punches. Sims is landing several more punches as the fight ends.

Fightful scored round 8 for Sims 10-9, making it 77-74 for Sims 

Official Result: Kenneth Sims Jr. defeated Emmanuel Robles via unanimous decision (78-73, 79-72, 79-72) 

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