Manny Pacquiao vs. Jeff Horn Results: New World Champion Crowned In Front Of Record-Setting Crowd

Welcome to Fightful's live coverage of Manny Pacquiao vs. Jeff Horn for Pacquiao's WBO middleweight title. We'll be bringing you quick results and recaps of the undercard and non-title fights and round-by-round coverage of the main card which will be broadcasted on ESPN. The first televised fight will be at 9 p.m. with a fight featuring up-and-coming middleweight prospects Shane Mosley Jr. and David Toussant. 

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Here's the main televised card (ESPN, ESPN Deportes [Spanish-Language Broadcast], WatchESPN, 10 p.m. ET):

Jeff Horn defeats Manny Pacquiao via unanimous decision (117-111, 115-113, 115-113) to win the WBO welterweight title

Jerwin Ancajas defeated Teiru Kinoshita via KO, round 7, 1:53, to retain the IBF Junior Bantamweight title

Michael Conlan defeated Jarrett Owen via TKO, round 3, 1:56

Here's the televised undercard (ESPN, ESPN Deportes [Spanish-Language Broadcast], WatchESPN, 9 p.m. ET):

David Toussaint defeated Shane Mosley Jr. via split decision (75-77, 77-76, 77-76)

Here's the untelevised undercard:

Damien Hooper defeated Umar Salamov via unanimous decision (96-94 96-94 96-94) to win the Unified IBF Australasian, WBO International Light Heavyweight Titles

Brock Jarvis defeated Rasmanudin via KO, round 1

Brent Dames defeated Jonel Dapidran via unanimous decision (58-56, 58-56, 59-55)



Michael Conlan vs. Jarrett Owen: Featherweight Bout

Round 1: Both guys exchange brief uppercuts and then clinch. Conlan lands a right hand and Owen returns fire with an uppercut. Owen lands a short body shot. Conlan lands a left hook to Owen's body. Not a lot of hard action in this first round.

Fightful scores round 1 for Conlan 10-9

Round 2: Both men get tangled up to start the round. Conlan throws a few left jabs but doesn't land much. Owen throws a coupl of body hooks and the two men clinch again. Conlan misses a right hook. The two men get up close and each lands a couple of short punches to end the round.

Fightful scores round 2 for Conlan 10-9

Round 3: Conlan lands a right hook to Owen's body. Owen is moving across the ring and throwing numerous jabs which Conlan blocks. Conlan starts landing numerous clean shots and Owen's corner throws in the towel.

Official result: Michael Conlan defeated Jarrett Owen via TKO, round 3, 1:56

Jerwin Ancajas (c) vs. Teiru Kinoshita: IBF Junior Bantamweight Title Bout

Round 1: Ancajas lands a left jab to start. Kinoshita misses with the left hook. Both men miss with left jabs. Kinoshita throws several right jabs upstairs but they don't land. Both men clinch and Ancajas lands a left hook. Ancajas closes the distances by going to the inside and Kinoshita lands a couple of right body shots. Ancajas lands a couple of right hooks to end the round.

Fightful scores round 1 for Ancajas 10-9

Round 2: Ancajas lands a few right hooks. Ancajas throwing a couple of more jabs upstairs. The two men clinch. Ancajas lands a right uppercut. Ancajas lands a left hook. There's a cut near Kinoshita's right eye and the referee pauses the fight. After the break, both men exchange punches on the inside. 

Fightful scores round 2 for Ancajas 10-9

Round 3: Ancajas lands a right hook. Ancajas lands a hard left jab to Kinoshita's head. Ancajas lands a hard left jab to Kinoshita's body. Kinoshita eats another left hand by Ancajas. Ancajas lands a solid three-punch combination to Kinoshita. 

Fightful scores round 3 for Ancajas 10-9

Round 4: Ancajas unleashed a flurry a quick body shots to Kinoshita. Blood continues to pour from that cut Kinoshita suffered in the second round. Ancajas continues to work the body of Kinoshita and is in cruise control of this fight. Ancajas lands a decent left uppercut.

Fightful scores round 4 for Ancajas 10-9

Round 5: Ancajas lands a 1-2 to Kinoshita's right eye. Both guys clinch and Ancajas throws a left uppercut. Ancajas hits a right body shot. Kinoshita lands a couple of right hands and a good body shot. Ancajas ends the round with a very good and well-timed right hand to Kinoshita's jaw.

Fightful scores round 5 for Ancajas 10-9

Round 6: Ancajas starts off with a left hook. Both men clinch and then Ancajas throws a right hand. Ancajas goes head hunting trying to land a couple of right uppercuts. Both men clinch once more. Ancajas then starts attacking the body again. Kinoshita lands a sweeping left hand. Ancajas continues to attack Kinoshita's right eye as the round ends.

Fightful scores round 6 for Ancajas 10-9

Round 7: The round starts off with both boxers exchanging punches. The fight moves to the inside as both men land hard punches upstairs. Kinoshita misses with the right hook. Both men land a jab simulatneously and Ancajas lands a scintilating body shot, knocking out Kinoshita and Ancajas retains his title.

Official result: Jerwin Ancajas defeated Teiru Kinoshita via KO, round 7, 1:53, to retain the IBF Junior Bantamweight title

Manny Pacquiao (c) vs. Jeff Horn: WBO Welterweight World Title Bout

Round 1: Horn opens with a left hook that Pacquiao blocks. Horn starts off aggressive with a couple of hooks. Horn lands a few body shots. Horn lands a left jab. Both men get tangled up and Horn lands a a quick left. Pacquiao lands a solid right hook and the rounds ends with a solid exchange.

Fightful scores round 1 for Horn 10-9

Round 2: Pacquiao throws a left jab that lands nowhere. Pacquiao ducking Horn's hooks. Pacquiao eats numerous right hands as the two of them clinch. Pacquia tries to get some close combat going, but they clinch once more. Pacquiao now is on the offensive. Pacquiao lands a left hook and Horn counters big.

Fightful scores round 1 for Pacquiao 10-9

Round 3: The two men clinch to start the round. horn throws a couple of hooks which Pacquiao blocks Pacquiao trying to get the right hook going while Horn is missing a lot of punches. Horn lands a left jab and Horn has a cut on his right eye.

Fightful scores round 1 for Pacquiao 10-9

Round 4: Horn throws a left hook and they clinch once more. Pacquiao is shoved to the floor but it is not a knockdown. Pacquiao lands a hard left jab. Pacquiao lands a hard right and Horn connects with a couple of right body shots. Horn lands a hard left that almost hurts Pacquiao. Both men clinch as Pacquiao ends the round with a short body shot.

Fightful scores round 1 for Pacquiao 10-9

Round 5: Horn starts off with a lot of hard body punches, but Pacquiao seems to shrug them off.  Pacquiao lands an uppercut and then a hard left hand to Horn's head. They both have a hard exchange as the crows goes wild.

Fightful scores round 5 for Pacquiao 10-9

Round 6: Pacquiao eats a hard uppercut to start the round. Pacquiao is trying to get some offense going, but an accidental clash of heads occurs and Pacquiao momentarily is gushing out blood from the hairline. Horn is back in control with a right hand that hurts the champion. 

Fightful scores round 6 for Horn 10-9

Round 7: Horn throws a couple of jabs, and Pacquiao is trying to get back the momentum lost in the last round. Horn has Pacquiao on the ropes and then lands a hard jab to Pacquiao's head. Fight is paused as Pacquiao keeps churning out blood. After the break, both men land hard punches.

Fightful scores round 7 for Pacquiao 10-9

Round 8: Pacquiao starts off aggressively, but not landing many shots. Horn ducking a lot of Pacquiao's punches. Horn slips and falls but it is not a knockdown. Horn throws a couple of punches, landing a few on Pacquiao's head. Final exchange of the round has Horn landing a right hand.

Fightful scores round 8 for Horn 10-9

Round 9: Horn lands a couple of body shots while Pacquiao is on the ropes. Horn lands a quick jab. Pacquiao lands a good left hand and the two fighters clinch again. Pacquiao lands another left hand and then a right hand. Pacquiao gets the better of an exchange between the two and he has the momentum again. Pacquiao lands another left hand.

Fightful scores round 9 for Pacquiao 10-9

Round 10: Horn starts the round by throwing a couple of right hands. Horn lands a right hand while Pacquiao is on the ropes. Pacquiao throws a right hook but misses. Horn lands a right hand to Pacquiao's head. 

Fightful scores round 10 for Horn 10-9

Round 11: The two men exchange punches while Pacquiao was on the ropes. Horn manages to sneak in a couple of good body shots. Pacquiao lands a left hand square on Horn's jaw. Both men give and take as they clinch again. Horn lands a short right hook. Horn lands a straight jab at Pacquiao. 

Fightful scores round 11 for Pacquiao 10-9

Round 12: Both men get tangled up as Horn is hovering over Pacquiao. Horn is now trying to land shots up close. Pacquiao barely misses with a left jab. Horn lands a right hook. Horn ducks a Pacquiao left hand. Pacquiao eats a couple of left hands, but connects witha left of his own as blood is pouring our of the left side of his head. The two boxers land a punch as they clinch once more. Horn throws numerous hooks, but doesn't fully land. The two men clinch once more. Pacquiao ducks, but Horn then connects a right hand. 

Fightful scores round 12 for Horn 10-9, making it 115-113 for Pacquiao 

Official result: Jeff Horn defeats Manny Pacquiao via unanimous decision (117-111, 115-113, 115-113) to win the WBO welterweight title

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