World Boxing Super Series: Gassiev vs. Wlodarczyk Results: Gassiev Lands Vicious KO To Beat Wlodarczyk

Welcome to Fightful's live coverage of the World Boxing Super Series match between Murat Gassiev vs. Krzysztof Wlodarczyk. This is the second time the World Boxing Super Series hits the United States Not only is the cruiserweight tournament's last semifinal spot is on the line, but Gassiev's IBF cruiserweight world title as well. Also on the card is a WBSS cruiserweight reserve fight between Mateusz Masternak and Stivens Bujaj and a WBC junior middleweight title eliminator semifinal match between Maciej Sulecki and Jack Culcay.

We'll be bringing you live results of the entire card, which includes quick recaps of the undercard and full, round-by-round coverage of the main event.

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Here is the main card: (Audience TV; 10 p.m. ET)

  • Murat Gassiev defeats Krzysztof Wlodarczyk via KO, round 3, 1:57 to retain the IBF Cruiserweight Title and advance to the World Boxing Super Series Cruiserweight Semifinals
  • Mateusz Masternak defeated Stivens Bujaj via TKO (doctor stoppage), round 7, 3:00

Here is the untelevised undercard (7 p.m. ET):

  • Maciej Sulecki defeated Jack Culcay via unanimous decision (98-92, 97-93, 96-94): WBC Junior Middleweight Title Eliminator Semifinal Bout
  • Money Powell IV defeated Brandon Adams via unanimous decision (59-55, 59-56, 58-55)
  • Efe Ajagba defeated Luke Lyons via TKO, round 1, 2:19
  • Skender Halili defeated Samuel Amoako via unanimous decision (60-54, 60-54, 60-54)

Skender Halili vs. Samuel Amoako: Junior Middleweight Bout: These two guys have combined for 33 wins with 29 of them coming via KO. Halili was the only one bringing the power to the fight. Halili started landing heavy shots from the beginning of the bout. Amoako played defense for almost the entirety of the fight, but did have some moments of good offense. Halili kept coming forward while Amoako kept putting himself in the corner while throwing his hands up to defend. Give credit to Amoako: he took Halili's best punches and didn't go down once. This was a good win for Halili, who moves to 15-2 as a professional.

Official result: Skender Halili defeated Samuel Amoako via unanimous decision (60-54, 60-54, 60-54)

Efe Ajagba vs. Luke Lyons: Heavyweight Bout: Ajagba dominated this very short fight. He scores an early knockdown on Lyons, but Lyons gets back up quickly. Ajagba then continues to pummel away at Lyons and knocks him down a second time. Lyons gets back up again, but his legs were wobbly and the referee stopped the fight. Smart stoppage and great win for the 2016 Olympic boxer.

Official result: Efe Ajagba defeated Luke Lyons via TKO, round 1, 2:19

Money Powell IV vs. Brandon Adams: Junior Middleweight Bout: The first round was by far the most exciting round of the night up to this point. Powell went on the offensive early, but Adams caught Powell with a left hook. Powell left his right side open for another left hook and Powell gets knocked down. Powell recovers and lands a solid right hand that stuns Adams, but not enough to knock him down.

The fight continues with both men landing their fair share of right hands. Powell is a young prospect and has room to grow, but he was squaring up too much at times, which didn't allow him to land anything too big to Adams. In the fourth round, Powell unleashed a devastating series of punches, but it wasn't enough to knock Adams down. The fight was a slugfest through and through. Powell landed some beautiful punches, but just doesn't possess the killer power to end the fight against a guy with a good chin like Adams.

Official results: Money Powell IV defeated Brandon Adams via unanimous decision (59-55, 59-56, 58-55)

Maciej Sulecki vs. Jack Culcay: WBC Junior Middleweight Title Eliminator Semifinals: Culcay starts off strong and fast, but the fight quickly turns into a scrappy one. This Prudential Center crowd is very pro-Sulecki. Culcay lands several jabs, but can't do much against a big man like Sulecki. Culcay is able to pressure Sulecki into the ropes at times and land some beautiful combinations. Sulecki landed some hard shots and even appeared to have stunned Culcay at times. At the end of the third round, Culcay suffered a cut above his left eye and started to bleed a lot in the fourth round as Sulecki keeps getting more confidence.

the seventh round got off to a blazing start. Culcaystarted going hyper-aggressive, throwing every punch in the book and actually hurt Sulecki for a bit. Culcay then started showboating and even dodging several of Sulecki's jabs, which were hitting the mark previously. The eighth round is a different story. Sulecki started landing several hard punches to Culcay and Culcay doesn't have the same energy he had in the prior round. The fight was extremely competitive and although Sulecki did perform better, Culcay was the more aggressive fighter throughout most of the fight, which is usually good if you want to score points on judges' scorecards. I had Sulecki winning 97-93.

Official result: Maciej Sulecki defeated Jack Culcay via unanimous decision (98-92, 97-93, 96-94)

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