A Beginners Guide on Different UFC Betting Types

As the most popular mixed martial arts organization globally, UFC is loved by many. Watching two fighters fight for a title sure is fun. But there is another way of enjoying this experience while at the same time making cash out of it. And that is to wager on your favorite fighter.

You can just ask a friend or two to put $20 (or how much he/they had in their pockets) on who's to win or lose while watching a UFC fight. But this is just for people who don't have in-depth knowledge of sports betting and just want to have fun watching UFC fights with friends.

If you are one of those who want to make sports betting a serious business and want to profit greatly, you have to know these UFC betting types. It is essential to know that you don't have to use all of these betting types simultaneously, but you can use these pieces of knowledge to create a strategy when wagering so you can profit while having fun.

Three Main Betting Types

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There are various types of betting out there, but these three are the most common of them all. You must first know how to wager for each of these betting types before deciding on what types you would choose.
⦁ UFC Money Line or Match Bets
Money line betting or match bet is probably the most common type of betting not just in UFC but to every sport you can bet on in sports betting. Money line or match bets in UFC fight is betting on who will win the fight. It is usually just choosing the fighter you think will win, but since the oddsmaker begins making odds, you need to know what an underdog or a favorite means.

Oddsmaker makes odds on who will likely win or lose in a fight. A fighter that is favored to win or who has the odds of winning is called the favorites. In contrast, the fighter with the odds of most likely to lose is called the underdog. Understanding what favorites and underdog means is essential in making a bet.

For example, if the money line has the favorite with an odd of -170 and the underdog with an odd of +150, you will need to bet $170 on the favorite to win $100. While if you bet on the underdog with $100 and he happens to win the fight, you will win $150. You can see the difference here. That is why it is essential to know even just the basics of betting so you can prevent losing and going bust.
⦁ UFC Round Bets
UFC round bets or over/under round bets are the type of bet where the oddsmaker sets a line on how long a fight will last. If the number of rounds is set at 2.5 and the odds are -110 on the under and +175 on the over, you will have to wager $ 110 to win $100 if the fight ends less than 2.5 rounds, or you will need $100 to win $175 if the fight lasts more than 2.5 rounds.

⦁ UFC Winning Method Bets
The UFC winning method bets is a type of bet unique only to MMA fights. In this type of bet, you don't need to predict the winner but rather how the winner wins the fight. It is either through knockout (TKO/KO), submission, or by the judges' decision.

Other Betting Types

Aside from the three main betting types, you can use another betting type to wager on UFC.
⦁ Prop Bets
You don't need to wager who will win the fight in prop bets.
Prop bet is similar to round bets and winning method bets where you will predict specific or different outcomes in a fight. It is a special wager, where the bettor can bet on a proposed outcome whether it will happen or not. An example of this is betting on the proposed outcome, whether the fight will last under 15 minutes or not.
⦁ Parlays
A parlay is another special wager where you can place multiple bets on multiple fight outcomes to occur. But you will need all outcomes you selected to be correct to win. Since you need to predict the outcomes correctly, a parlay bet is a risky betting type—the riskier the betting type, the greater offer of rewards. If you are confident in your selected outcomes predictions, you can bet on parlay and profit extensively.
⦁ Futures
Futures is another betting type where you will need to bet on the game's future winner. Future bets are offered in advance, and the odds continually change over time. In betting futures, you need to study the fighter you will be wagering on so you can have the highest chance of winning.
⦁ Live/In-Game Betting
Live betting is the betting type where you can bet while watching the ongoing fight. The odds in live betting are dynamic. It changes as the fight continues. If you want to wager while watching the fight, then live betting is for you.

In conclusion

Betting in the UFC can be very fun and exciting, especially if you know how the game works. Using your knowledge in MMA and being a fan of UFC can make you profit. Beginner or not, you can use the information we've shown you to gain understanding and use it in your sports betting journey. May the odds be with you.

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