WWE has an interesting prospect on their hands at a set of upcoming tryouts.

Katya "Dominator" Kavaleva will attend WWE's February tryouts at the Performance Center. Kavaleva is a kickboxing champion who stands 6"5' and trains with the successful Blackzilians team that houses Anthony "Rumble" Johnson and Rashad Evans.

"I am so so excited for this once in a lifetime opportunity to try out for the most amazing entertainment company. I want to show people my true inner person. Yes I am big and strong and sometimes can be a little crazy. I guess I am like a real life Dr Jekkyl and Mr Hyde I can be sweet soft and real woman like but in an instant can snap and power-bomb someone through the ring! I am mostly today just feeling honored to even have this chance to be in the same ring as legends," she said to WMMA Rankings.

The tryouts take place February 1-4. Kavaleva has been angling for a fight with Gabi Garcia in Rizin, which didn't end up happening.

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