Can You Bet on Wrestling?

Professional wrestling or pro-wrestling  has an active following of about 36 million people. This is a significant number considering that there are weekly events of the WWE on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  Many fans know it is scripted, but it provides good entertainment, anyway.  Is it possible to bet on wrestling if the event is scripted?  It is possible, and there are several bookmakers offering betting markets in wrestling. They have figured out how to manage their risks, while offering wrestling fans opportunities to root for their favorites.

What  Can You Bet on?

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WWE runs regular events with several betting options you can wager on:

  • Match winner -  An outright bet on  the winner of a match 
  • First-time winner – This is a very lucrative bet because you bet that there will be a winner who has won none event before.   But the odds are usually long on this outcome.
  • Longest ring time – This bet is wagered on the wrestler who will  last the longest time in the ring during  time-based events 
  • Appearance bets – This is a bet on the possibility of a certain wrestler coming to an event 
  • First to appear bet – You will wager on the possibility that a specific wrestler will be the first to come to the ring 
  • Match/bout  outcome bet- This type of bet differs from a match winner bet. You bet that the match will end in a certain way, for example, an interference or an outright win.
  • Most elimination bets – This bet is offered in multiplayer events like the Royal Rumble 

There are plenty of  wagering opportunities on these events. Take a look at this 32 Redbet review and find promotions you can use on wrestling betting. 

What Wrestling Events Can You Bet on?

The World Wrestling Entertainment is the biggest pro-wrestling brand. All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and  New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) are the other  notable  brands. Most bookmakers offer betting markets in events by the WWE:

Monday Night Raw – This event is held every Monday night in the format of an outright winner. This is WWE’s most watched event. It  is also traditionally a touring event.  WWE has held RAW events in over 200 arenas, 170 cities, and 11 countries. Monday Night Raw features different championship bouts including 

  1. Universal champion
  2. US champion
  3. Raw women’s champion
  4. Raw tag team champion
  5. Cruiser weight champion
  • Royal Rumble -  This event is in the Battle Royale format.  Players eliminate each other by tossing opponents over the ring rope. The last person standing wins.
  • SmackDown –  This event is shown every week.  It also has several formats;
  1. Champion
  2. Intercontinental champion
  3. Tag team champion
  4. Women’s champion 
  • NXT – It is the lowest tier for new wrestlers. It has both men and women championship bouts and tag team bouts. 
  • Money in the Bank – A Battle Royale event where the last person standing climbs to a ladder to retrieve a briefcase full of money 
  • Hell in a Cell – Also a Battle Royale bout of six men where the rules are loose 

How to Win in Wrestling Bets

You can take advantage of the fact that  pro-wrestling is scripted.  Script writers will usually go with what has worked well to entertain fans in the past. Look at the history of a certain event, for example, Royal Rumble. Do the storylines look closely and how did different players act?  What were the surprises in these events? 

Bookmakers often rely on the grapevine to make their odds.  They will price a player or tag team in long odds if they have no insider information. Wrestling  punters advise to look for  odds greater than +250. It is a close sign that the bookmaker has the same information available to the rest of the public. 

Why Bet on Wrestling?

Wrestling fans who are keen on wagering on  wrestling events say that betting on wrestling has several advantages:

  • Value bets – Bookmakers are more intent on limiting betting wins because of the risk that comes with scripted events.  The odds do not drop as fast as they should because the bookmakers pay little attention.
  • Limited risk – Bookmakers limit the amount of wins that bettors can have in a bout.  These limits lower the bookmakers’ risks in handling bouts that could be fixed.
  • Fun action –  Pro-wrestling  has non-stop action for most of the week. 

Pro-wrestling  has  many betting opportunities  from its regular events. You can win regularly if you are keen on reading the scriptwriters. Best of all is the fact that there are events happening from Sunday to Monday, which makes it fairly predictable. 


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