Chael Sonnen Goes Off On Vader, Calls Him A 'Thief'

Chael Sonnen and former WCW Champion Vader certainly aren't seeing eye-to-eye.

Vader was scheduled to appear on a recent episode of Sonnen's podcast You're Welcome! but no-showed the event. Sonnen wasn't happy about the situation, and went off on Vader throughout the Podcast. 

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"This is the biggest podcast in MMA, and at the end of the day, that's just Vader," said Sonnen on the show. "This is an opportunity for Vader and this is not going to end well, should he not call in. I feel like he is laying the groundwork to flake. This show was going to be an hour today. He's dropped off the text messages, too."

After it was apparent that the pro wrestling legend wasn't going to call in, Sonnen became livid. He called Vader a 'scumbag' and left a voicemail calling Vader a "dumb dumb"

""We made a deal. We had a trade for him to come on. There should not have been a deal to be made in the first place, because it's Vader. I'm not trying to be condescending, but this is a media opportunity. I'm saying that as humbly as I can. He hasn't done a thing in a goddamn decade and a half. This is an opportunity for Vader. I only invited Vader on as a favor to somebody else because they said he was down on his luck a little bit. This guy is a carny, flake. He was writing me like he was drunk, illiterate, or dumb, or just getting ready to set me up, right from the jump." said Sonnen.

By the end of the show, Sonnen had aptly buried the man from Boulder, Colorado, and referred to Vader as a 'thief.' 

"When you 'scumbag' a guy like me, a known gangster, when you pull a move like that one me. You're doing it to people all over town, right? This is just copy-and-paste and you see what comes back, then you move on with your day," Sonnen said. "I can't kick his ass, because he's a dinosaur."

Vader recently revealed that he has two years to live, and was in a roll-over car accident. 

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