Chael Sonnen Says That Jon Jones Tested Positive For Estrogen Blockers


By Sean Ross Sapp

Chael Sonnen has failed his fair share of drug tests. As it turns out, he's a bit of an expert on the subject.

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Sonnen appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience and spoke out about his own experience with PEDs, and to reveal what information he claims to know about Jon Jones' possible United States Anti Doping Agency (USADA) violation. According to Sonnen, Jon Jones tested positive for estrogen blockers. He preface by saying it was speculative.

“This doesn’t make Jon innocent at all. Jon is guilty,” Sonnen said. “The only card that he had to play is what did you test positive for, and they refused to reveal it. He tested positive for some estrogen blockers. He tested positive for two estrogen blockers, there I revealed it. Aren’t we creating some news?”

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Rashad Evans also made this accusation regarding estrogen blockers on Friday. Sonnen would speak with host Joe Rogan and claim that the test costs $40,000, and says it's worth it.

“Turns out it’s a pretty good test,” Sonnen said. “There’s a reason this test is 40-plus grand. But the thing I’m wondering is if Jon has another test out there. There’s more to the story, that’s the piece that is still missing.”

Rogan then asked the experienced Sonnen the significance of Jones possibly popping

“Estrogen blockers are usually when people are getting off of steroids,” Rogan said.

Sonnen confirmed the statement.

“Correct, when you’re coming off of a cycle,” Sonnen agreed “Guys don’t want estrogen so you take the blocker to block that. That’s a way they can catch you after the fact.”

For more information regarding the use of estrogen blockers as ot pertains to PED tests, Iain Kidd has fantastic insight up at Bloody Elbow at this link.

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