Combat Sports in School: Yay or Nay?



Sports have always been part of the education process. The immense benefits that learners get from taking part in sports cannot be emphasized enough. As a matter of fact, most learning institutions encourage proactive participation for learners in the game to which they are inclined. Hence physical education is a vital aspect of the school curriculum.

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When it comes to integrating sports in the education system, nothing splits opinions more than combat sports. If this is unfamiliar to you, a combat sport is simply a sport where participants score points through physical contact and fighting each other. Such sports include:



Mixed martial arts.

Muay Thai.


You can almost speculate why the opinions vary concerning combating sports. The contention mainly stems from the exposure to high risks of physical injury. In extreme cases, these injuries can be detrimental to one's health and perhaps even life-changing. However, it would be sensible to highlight that this might be merely a perceived danger.

Most sports pose the risk of injuries. A sport deemed as harmless as swimming can lead to tissues and muscles tearing. To be fair, danger lurks all around us. Restricting combat sports can only do so much. For any learner willing to take part in a combat sport, there is plenty to learn and numerous benefits to gain, just like any other sport.

It is essential to understand that combat sports, especially ones focused on self-defense, are not only meant for brutes. These sports can be a tremendous learning opportunity for enthusiasts taking part. Here are some of the benefits that a learn brings home from combat sports.

Building a Fitness Habit

Taking part in combat sports, just like any other sport, means that you are engaging your body proactively in regular physical exercises. In combat sports, this spans from simple stretching exercises to high-intensity routines that are naturally rigorous. By keeping your body fit physically, you are taking steps towards achieving and maintaining overall physical health. Staying fit and active also minimizes the likelihood of mental issues set in.

Similar to a reliable college essay writing service, combat sports stay in line. For a learner, general body fitness will keep their bodies and minds engaged. It follows then that the perks can be translated to their academics. The activities keep the mind invigorated enough to absorb content and grasp concepts easily. The improved concentration and attention spans also augment this.

Adopting the Core Principles of Discipline

This is amongst the most significant benefits of combat sports. When you take part in a sport where your opponent is looking to inflict physical harm to you, your mindset has to be completely different and sharp. As such, combat sports instill core value in the participants, such as hard work, determination, and patience. All these culminate in a disciplined individual. Whereby such lessons become part of them for the rest of their lives.

Combat sports also teach a learner to be resourceful with their time, since they require non-negotiable commitment. Building a routine around your practice sessions allows you to be a better time manager. With time, you will have no problems committed the necessary time to your academics and other aspects of your life. You will always find a way to get the job done.

Furthermore, combat sports ingrain responsible behavior in the learner. It is somewhat unlikely to find a student trained in a combat sport engaging in a testosterone-fueled fight. As a matter of fact, they will be the ones to stop the fights. Such resourcefulness can only be realized from participating in such sports.

Molding Life Skills in the Learner

Taking part in a combat sport enables you to build your personality outside the confines of school. You get to learn first-hand both your strengths and weaknesses, giving you a more insightful understanding of yourself. You also get to develop your social skills are you collaborate with teammates towards common objectives. Competitive participation also improves your critical-thinking and decision-making capabilities.

Additionally, combat sports will also help you nurture a positive outlook on things. This progressive mindset will be vital to realizing your passions and striving for success in all aspects of your life. You will also learn that losing is part of life. Hence have the right attitude and resilience to bounce back.

Taking up combat sports alongside your academics gives you a whole world of invaluable life lessons. Go forth!


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