CSAC Proposes Bigger Fines For Missing Weight

The California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) will be voting on a measure this week to increase fines for fighters who miss weight.

A new fine will be levied to the fighter's winning bonus as well, with 20% being taken from that as well as 20% from the show money each fighter receives.

For example, if a winning fighter who makes $10,000 and then gets a $10,000 win bonus would lose a total of $4,000 ($2,000 from the show money & $2,000 from the win bonus).

Half of the money would then go to the commission and half would go to the opponent who made weight, which is the same rule that’s in effect right now.

There would be no change to a fine for a fighter who misses weight and loses a fight, just for those who win a fight and miss weight.

If the proposition does get passed, there is no word yet on when it will take effect or if other states will adapt the same penalties as well.

The next major MMA event in the state of California will be UFC 214 and that event will be taking place on Saturday, July 29. No fights have been announced for that card at this time.

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