European Wrestling Championships - All You Need To Know About The Best Tournaments

Wrestling is one of the oldest sports in the world, which we can trace all the way back to Ancient Greece. Over the centuries, this discipline has evolved on different continents, and in the modern age, we can enjoy watching some of the best wrestling matches ever.

The most popular wrestling competition in Europe is the European Wrestling Championships. This is the second oldest wrestling competition in the modern age since the oldest ones are the events that occur in the Olympics. The European Wrestling Championships were first held in 1898 and they only featured Greco-Roman style. However, everything changed in 1929 when other freestyle events were allowed. In 1973, Sambo wrestling was also added to the championship.

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In this article, we’ll take a closer look at European Wrestling Championships Tournaments and the things that you can expect to see in 2021.

A Brief History

European Wrestling Championships was founded in 1898. However, not all wrestling events were allowed from the very beginning. Until 2005 all events were held separately. Moreover, only men could participate in the competition. The first time that women were allowed to compete in the championship was in 1988. In the first 15 years, there was a maximum of 4 events, and all of them included Greco-Roman style. But after 1911, things started to change. Different styles were allowed into the competition, which also influenced the number of events per championship to increase. In the past couple of years, there are as many as 10 events at the European Wrestling Championships and every year seems to be better than the previous one.

The Most Recent Tournaments
Ever since the early seventies, the Russian athletes have proven to be favorites at every European Wrestling Championships. They are the ones that get the most viewers. but also the most medals. In 2020, the representatives from Russia managed to take 9 gold, 6 silver, and 7 bronze medals. They had winners in every category - freestyle, Greco-Roman, and women. Wrestlers like Azamat Tuskaev, Aleksandr Bogomoev, Abdulrashid Sadulaev, and Ekaterina Bukina marked that year’s competition. However other countries and their representatives also left a mark on the championship. Yuliya Tkach and Semen Novikov also from Ukraine also had an amazing performance, that was worthy of the people’s attention. European Wrestling Championships are always filled with adrenaline and tension, as the audience cheers their favorite to win. Some have also found that betting on a wrestler can only enhance the feeling while they watch tournament unveils.

What To Expect in 2021

If you are wrestling as well as a betting fan who likes visiting online casino Netherlands in pursuit of the best odds, that you might want to know what to expect from Championships 2021. The event is to take place in Warsaw, Poland, and it will last from the 19th to the 25th of April.

An interesting fact is that over 400 athletes from over 37 countries are expected to participate in the championship and fight for the continental gold. At the moment, there are around 177 athletes for the Greco-Roman style, 156 in freestyle, and 111 in the women category.

If you wish to follow closely this year’s Championships or even place a bet on a wrestling event, then you should see which country or athletes had success in the past, but also check if there are any fresh, new faces that are participating that could possibly turn the tables to their favor.

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