Daniel Cormier, Other MMA Fighters Aren't Impressed By Young Bucks And Flip Gordon

It's that time of year again -- when someone outside the pro wrestling bubble criticizes it and mayhem ensues.

Today's action came courtesy of UFC heavyweight Chase Sherman

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WWE referee Scott Armstrong would chime in on the tweet:

As did Jim Cornette, who managed to turn it around and make it about size. Well.

And MMA fighter turned pro wrestler Phil Baroni, who actually used the Shake Rattle and Roll as his hill to die on.

Shayna Baszler, NXT star and former UFC star, would defend pro wrestling:

The Young Bucks themselves would comment, only to be trolled by Trent. Other ROH wrestlers would also take to Twitter.

Fortunately there was some constructive conversation involved as well. UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier offered up his thoughts, also railing against the spot. Cormier, however, is a noted wrestling fan, even attending WrestleMania 31. He and I would go back and forth on the subject.

To go a little opinion based here, it's all about styles. Where you draw your line as it pertains to suspension of disbelief directly correlates to how much you can enjoy something. For me, I'm not a fan of light tubes being used. I didn't like Fast and the Furious 7 because I went into it expecting something a little more realistic. Enjoy what you want across all forms of entertainment as long as it doesn't hurt anyone.

Below are a few more fun reactions.


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