EXCLUSIVE: Frank Trigg Says Chris Weidman Will Have Trouble Appealing Loss

Frank Trigg says because of Chris Weidman's own words, appealing his loss to Gegard Mousasi will be hard.

At UFC 210, a fight between Weidman and Mousasi ended abruptly and controversially. The referee, Dan Miragliotta stopped the fight for what he thought were illegal knees. The knees were legal but the fight was stopped because Weidman was deemed unable to continue. On Fightful MMA's podcast, Frank Trigg said the words of Weidman which caused the fight to end may also keep him from winning an appeal.

"At some point, Chris said he couldn't continue. Now once you say that to the doc, it makes no difference when, where, what happened, what's going on now within the fight, the fight is done...Now (Weidman) is believing it's illegal when he says it, he's saying 'I can't continue.' He's hoping he's going to win the fight and Gegard is going to take a loss. Then he finds out after it's legal and all of a sudden Chris is like 'I'm good, I want to go,' said Trigg. "That's what going to make it hard for him to appeal. When they appeal and they will bring the doctor in and the doctor will say 'he said he couldn't continue.' That's it, then there's nothing to appeal because you said it," added Trigg.

Weidman filed an appeal with the New York State Athletic Commission this week. Also on the Fightful MMA's podcast, Trigg and host "Showdown Joe" Ferraro discussed Daniel Cormier's title defense at UFC 210 and previewed the UFC Kansas City card.

Trigg appears on Thursdays on Fightful MMA's podcast.

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