EXCLUSIVE: Matt Riddle Calls Joe Rogan "Poser"

Matt Riddle does not think UFC color commentator Joe Rogan is completely genuine. 

While discussing critics who still talk about professional wrestling being scripted, the former UFC fighter Riddle had harsh words for UFC commentator Rogan  -- who has said unfavorable things about professional wrestling (but later tweeted he was being humorous). On his weekly appearance on Fightful Wrestling's podcast, Riddle said Rogan may be surprised what professional wrestling can be. 

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"You know what it is, and I'll say this straight up. I'm not trying to start shit but it is true. He's a fucking poser.  He didn't start smoking pot till he was thirty but that's all he can talk about. He will say whatever he has to say to get a paycheck. I'm not saying this to be mean but it's true, that's why he'll be like 'pro wrestling is bullshit'. Its like 'Joe why don't you get in the fucking ring with me' and see how bullshit it is because you can get to the ropes or whatever and I'll get to the ropes and  guarantee I'll fucking fight you.  But that's pro wrestling to me and I guess the guy doesn't like the show side of it but then again that's part of it. Look at UFC today, look at what pride did, look at what all MMA promotions are doing today. They bring the promos in, the controversy in, the drama in, the behind the scenes, that's part of it," said Riddle. 

The pageantry is something which made fighters from Pride popular according to Riddle, because each fighter had their own personality. Fightful Wrestling's podcast host Sean Ross Sapp and Riddle would also discuss Riddle wrestling smaller wrestlers and The Rock calling CM Punk in front of a Raw crowd. 

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