Fightful Site Update: New Forums Live, Podcast News, Vince Russo, Contests, New Segments

What's up, you guys?

You may have noticed constant changes at Fightful. Everything from headers, to fonts, to colors -- all kinds of stuff. We're constantly striving to make this site your primary destination for news, podcasts, videos and more.

Forums- Our forums have finally been overhauled to include the vBulletin format many of you have asked for! Live on those things!

Segments- We have several new video segments and columns we're rolling out. Aaron Hyden's The Spare Room, Anna Bauert's weekly videos, as well as some cool new crossover projects I think you all will enjoy. With Alex Pawlowski joining us full time, it allows us to expand all of our content to bring you more than ever!

Contests- Register here at Fightful to get entries into contests for Filsinger games, DVDs, signed books and much more!

Vince Russo- We want to thank you for being patient in regards to getting Vince Russo back to 100 percent. It's been a tough time for Vince, and hopefully we'll have him back soon. Continue to keep he and his family in your thoughts.

Viewing Parties - We now bring you live coverage and viewing parties from all WWE, TNA, Lucha Underground, UFC, Bellator, Fight Pass, NJPW and major boxing shows! Come in, hang out, talk trash.

Exclusives- Always be sure to check out our exclusives sections, as we constantly have news you won't find anywhere else!

As always, register for a FREE account. There's no credit card required, and it'll never cost you a dime. You'll get early access to special podcasts, articles, forums, contests and more! We have plenty more changes coming, as we find out what you all like best.

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