The history of Boxing and Betting

The history of Boxing and Betting

Boxing is one of the earliest organized sporting activities to be invented. At some point, boxing was the most popular sport in the world, followed by horse racing. The sport's fast-paced action and adrenaline pop that spectators experience have been instrumental in making boxing popular for centuries.

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Another thing that made boxing quite popular is because many bettors enjoyed wagering on the matches' outcome. To date, it is among the sports that attract many bettors worldwide. Read on to learn more about the history of boxing and betting activities.

How it All Began

Up to date, there is no concise information about the exact time when boxing started. The explanation most people seem to give is that the sport has been around for centuries. For the years that it has been around, the sport has enjoyed a remarkable reception. While boxing has been popular for decades now, at some point, there was a decline.

The resurgence happened later, around the 20th century. Since then, boxing has continued to attract more fans, particularly those interested in betting. So, one can conclude that apart from the thrilling action that this sport delivers, betting has helped sustain its popularity.

It should be noted that the type of betting that takes place in online casinos is a bit modified. However, the idea of betting hasn't changed much. It remains much the same, with the main difference being that you can do everything online now.

Best Boxing Betting Sites

The first thing to do to ensure you have an enjoyable boxing betting adventure is to choose a casino. Today, you'll find many sites that promise to be the best. However, not all casinos live up to their promise. As such, you need to be keen before you settle for any casino.

You can check out Doc's Sports Service, for example.

With the high number of casinos on the internet today, finding a good casino can be a hassle. To save you time and ensure you have an easy time choosing a casino, pick a casino from a betting review website. For more information, click here.

Types of Bets in Boxing Betting

Watching a boxing match is fun and being able to wager on it further adds to the amusement brought about by the sport. Casinos have different bet types that you can place on boxing. A common bet is the round wager, where you predict the rounds you think the match will see.

The bet is quite easy and straightforward. Another popular wager involves predicting how you think the match will end. This can take the form of by decision, split decision, technical knockouts, and points win.

Wagers that you place on an underdog fighter is a great way for you to get massive returns. However, before you select such bets, you need to note that they are very risky. Partly, this is because, in boxing, it is not always a guarantee that the weaker fighter will lose.

Live Betting

Like many other sports that allow live betting, boxing also allows you to place in-play bets. Betting sites offer live odds which allows you to wager on your favorite team while the match is underway.

At some point, however, the sites cancel live betting. Usually, this happens when the outcome is almost outright or if the match is almost coming to an end. Hence, you need to ensure you place your live bet early enough to avoid being locked out.

Betting on Boxing from Mobile

If you are never home and find it hard to carry your laptop with you everywhere, don't panic. Most betting sites support mobile betting. If you are the kind of a player who is always on the move, you may want to consider a fully integrated sportsbook for mobile gaming.

With this, you have your chosen bookmaker at the palm of your hands. What's more, you can place all bets on your device. Most sportsbooks function perfectly on iOS and Android devices. A few others work seamlessly on other operating systems like Windows and BlackBerry.

Boxing Betting Tips

If you are new to boxing, wrestling and MMA betting, the probability is, your knowledge is relatively limited. Hence, you may not trust yourself to pick the strong fighters, the rounds that will likely be played or the victory method. In such a case, you will need betting help from experienced tipsters.

Several sites have detailed reviews that you'll find helpful in your betting journey. Besides, if you settle for a good bookmaker, some have guidelines to boxing betting. The beauty of boxing betting is that you will not take long before you learn the ropes.

Once you are accustomed, you will realize that analyzing an upcoming match and deciding the fighter to back up is very easy. Knowing about the underdogs and strong fighters before a match can help you make informed decisions before placing a bet.

Popular Boxing Organizations

Due to its worldwide popularity, different organizations and countries organize boxing tournaments at amateur or professional levels. Some events are organized in specific countries. In most cases, such events don't attract a huge audience unless a popular fighter is involved.

For others, they are recognized internationally. These include matches organized by organizations like the World Boxing Association, World Boxing Organization, World Boxing Council, and the International Boxing Federation.

You can wager on popular events, including Continental Championships, Youth World Boxing Championships, Women's World Boxing Championships, and World Boxing Championships. Sportsbooks cover most tournaments, so you'll have plenty of options at your disposal.

Why Boxing Betting?

When it comes to wagering on boxing, you have several different choices on what to bet on. Most novice boxing bettors think that betting on the fight winner is the only bet type in boxing. Actually, boxing betting has a lot more options.

In essence, this makes wagering on the sport much fun and adds extra ways to make some money if the outcome is as you predict. Another reason for betting on boxing is that it is easier to understand the betting markets.

Even as a new punter, it won't take you long before you glimpse the concept of boxing betting. Moreover, a match's outcome can sometimes be unpredictable, the favorite player wins in most cases. It is for this reason that most punters choose to back these fighters.

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