's staff made their weekend predictions ahead of the huge weekend shows, and panned out pretty well.

Vince Russo was the only person on the entire staff (okay, besides Mike Straw) to finish below .500, so make sure to ridicule him mercilessly. To be fair, we forced him to pick MMA fights that he knows nothing about, but Showdown Joe was made to pick pro wrestling matches and finished 11-7 an impressive 7-3 at Summerslam. It's worth noting that we tossed out the New Day/Club and Roman Reigns/Rusev matches that ended via DQ or didn't happen.

Fightful staff workhorse Carlos Toro narrowly took the lead over managing editor Sean Ross Sapp and John Moorehouse. Steve Muehlhausen could have earned the win, but he accidentally selected both Larkin and Magny to win. Woops. Site owner Jimmy Van also did well, but didn't make any NXT picks. Moorehouse also was the only person to have a clean sweep in his UFC predictions.

Full Standings

Carlos Toro 13-6 (3-2 UFC, 10-4 WWE/NXT)
SRS 12-7 (4-1 UFC, 8-6 WWE/NXT)
John Moorehouse 12-7 (5-0 UFC, 7-7 WWE/NXT)
Showdown Joe 11-8 (4-1 UFC, 7-7 WWE/NXT)
Brendza 10-9 (4-1 UFC, 6-8 WWE/NXT)
Mike Straw 9-10 (2-3 UFC, 7-7 WWE/NXT)
Vince Russo 9-10 (2-3 UFC, 7-7 WWE/NXT)

The following fellas didn't submit full predictions for all three shows (NXT, Summerslam, UFC), or accidentally picked two fighters to win a single fight (Sup, Steve), or left out a prediction (I'm calling you out, Ryan)

Steve Muehlhausen 12-5 (3-0 UFC, 9-5 WWE/NXT)
Jimmy Van 10-4 (3-2 UFC, 7-2 WWE)
Alex Pawlowski 9-5 (All WWE/NXT)
Brandon Howard 9-5 (All WWE/NXT)
Golightly 4-1 (All UFC)
Ryan Cook 9-8 (2-3 UFC, 7-4 WWE/NXT)

UFC Standings

John Moorehouse 5-0
SRS 4-1
Showdown Joe 4-1
Justin Golightly 4-1
Zach Brendza 4-1
Steve Muehlhausen 3-0
Carlos Toro 3-2
Jimmy Van 2-3
Ryan Cook 2-3
Vince Russo 2-3
Mike Straw 2-3

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