Jiri Prochazka, Jae Hoom Moon, Tofiq Musaev Offer Rizin 14 Thoughts


RIZIN Fighting Federation held media-day interviews with each fighter for the 12/31 card, please see below for the quotes from each fighter, provided unedited

Jiri Prochazka

Q: How is your condition?

A: I feel great, I feel healthy. I’m just ready for the fight.

Q: You’d like to have a striking type of fight. How do you think the fight will go?

A: I think the match will end fairly quickly. Whether its on the ground or standing, i will try to use all the moves i have and beat him.

Q: Do you have confidence in fighting in RIZIN?

A: Yes i think i have confidence. Looking back at my past matches, I’ve proven the results,but its not that i look for aggresive matches, it depends on the gameplan. We’ll see how it goes this time.

Q: What is your normal weight, and what do you think about the 93kg weight limit?

A: I havent really been worried about my weight. considering the weight limit, i need to drop down about 6 or 7 kg from now. Normally i have over 100kg, maybe 102 or 103.

Q: Your opponent is making his debut in rizin. he seemed very confident. what do youthink of that?

A: If you say he has confidence thats fine with me. I’ve had several matches with rizin already, so i have more experience. i always try to do my best in every match so thats it.

Q: What does it mean to you appearing on nye matches in rizin?

A: its a big honor for me. I want to have a good match and win, which is always my goal. I wish to show a very good match to the fans.

Q: How important has gustafsson and latifi for your prepration?

A: For me it was important. I was main sparring partner for gustafsson, that was for me, so many skills to train with him. I want to try to be the highest level on me to show him the highest level from me. in every training i have to try my best. i think im ready, because alex is so heavy, so tall, so i must work harder than ever. for me it was nice experience. I think im ready like never before.

Q: What do you think about the mess for ufc 232? any comment on that situaation?

A: its bullshit because there is no fighters who have the same position like jon jones. its horrible, terrible.

Q: How do you think the fights will go for ilir and alex?

A: i think the swedeish guys will win. I train with them and theyre in good condition. i don't know how jon jones is in condition, but i know alexs side. for alex side, i can say, just he is prepared and i believe that he will win. No matter how it will be. I am just thinking about myself and my fight. I have so much work for that. I wish him the best but its time to focus on me.

Q: Do you beleive this is the biggest challenge for you?

A: No, i think i have hardest opponent, but what i saw from brandons fights, i think i have hardest opponents.

Q: Did you have any opponents in mind for the future?

A: I was thinking about mirko. I don't care about opponents. I care about the title in RIZIN. Thats what im thiking about, its a dream. Somebody talking about fight with king mo, but nobody knows, ok.

Q: What is your feelings about competing on nye?

A: i think im starting to feel good. i think im here 2 or 3 years, now im starting to feel like im at home. in the ring, i feel better and better. many times i was in the cage, and i didnt fight too often in the ring. I feel good and can focus on my spirit to be more aggressive but energy and show it without fear. And be more myself.


Jae Hoom Moon

Q: How is your condition?

A: I feel very good.

Q: How do you think this revenge match with asakura will be like?

A: I’ve won the last match against Asakura, but that was 1 and ½ year ago. Since then ive seen him fight in rizin matches. I don't think it will be as easy as last time, but i have strong feelings and try to come out the winner.

Q: What kind of finish are you thinking about?

A: I’m not thinking about anyspecific finishing moves, and if as a result i get a ko, thats fine.

Q: about your career, how many fights have you fought so far, and what is your record?

A: I fought about 20 matches, win losses, 10 wins 10 losses. i have 3 ko wins.

Q: When did you start taekwondo?

A: Maybe about 7.

Q: Have you had any other experiences prior to mma besides taekwondo?

A: no, just taekwondo.

Q: What do you think is the reason you won the 1st match? Where have you improved?

A: I think asakura has changed his style a little bit. his tackles and finishing moves have improved.

Q: What was the reason you won last time?

A: Last time, maybe i was lucky, i had a little more experience than him back then.


A: I don't think ive improved much, the last match i had in japan i lost, so i hope i improved this time.

Q: Your last fight in japan was in june against motoya correct?


Q: So since your last match, what have you looked back on?


Q: Anything on your techniqes?

A: I’ve worked on my ground moves.

Q: You started martial arts after watching pride. Were there any specific martial arts that inspired you?

A: I love fedor, and takanori gomi and i wanted to be like them.

Q: Could you tell us about your tattoo on your chest?

A: The tattoo says taekwondo, the dream was to become a taekwondo fighter. I’ve realized my dream and it was very important to me.

Q: your weight class flyweight bantamweight, there are new rizin fighters. is there any fighters that you wish to fight in the future?

A: Last time i lost against miyamoto, id like to get a revenge match with him.


Tofiq Musaev

Q: How is your condition?

A: i think ive had good preparation. So thats why i look a little pale.

Q: Do you feel that your opponent is a good fighter?

A: I felt he is a very good fighter and worthy of fighting. I’m going go to show a beautiful match with moments to look forward to.

Q: Any message to japanese fans?

A: I’d like to say hello to the japanese fans and i hope the fans will enjoy the match.

Q: Could you tell at what age you started martial arts? Which martial arts did you do?

A: I started karate when i as 12. I liked karate and thought it was beautiful. then i started taekwondo and wrestling, and those martial arts helped me improve.

Q: You’ve won your last few mtches by KO with punches. What made you win in that manner?

A: There are different style, i try to use styles depending on the opponent.

Q: What is the best punch that you have?

A: If you see my matches then you should know.

Q: What kind of fighter would you be like in the future?

A: I’d like to be in the grand prix tournament of rizin in the future. I’d like to use this opportunity to thank the people in the organization of rizin.

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