Kovalev Says He's Ready To Fight Any Champion

Sergey Kovalev, Eleider Alvarez, Main Events CEO Kathy Duva, Dmitry Bivol and the Manager of Dmitry Bivol (Vadim Kornilov) and Isaac Chilemba all participated in a conference call ahead of the "Super Men" card on August 4. You can see highlights below:


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"What does it mean to you, Eleider, to appear in Atlantic City on this card, to join all the many other great fighters through history who have fought there and who are now bringing boxing back to Atlantic City? What does that mean for your place in history?"

Eleider Alvarez:

"Yes. Simple, it's one of my dreams to be on that level. It's one of my dreams to fight on the biggest scenes of boxing, like Las Vegas MGM, Crystal Palace. The big scene. Then this is something super big for me and it's another challenge and it represents something very, very big for me, for my career and for all my team."

Egis Klimas, Manager of Sergey Kovalev:

"I am here. I'm traveling, so I'm sorry. I'm now in different time zone, but anyway, we are very glad and looking forward for August 4. I believe Sergey is coming to the new chapter and he wants to prove he's a still best light heavyweight in that division. We're looking forward for August 4th in Atlantic City."


"Mr. Kovalev. I just wanted to know, you waited a long time and didn't fight Adonis Stevenson. Now you have a guy from the same promoter. What can you tell us about Alvarez?"

Sergey Kovalev, Two-Time Light Heavyweight World Champion:

"I can say about Alvarez that I'm waiting for very interesting fight and I am sure that it's gonna be not easy to fight Alvarez, because he is undefeated and he is a number one in WBC. Stevenson awarded him already like it two or three times and he's the proof that he [Stevenson] is scared. But I'm not scared him and I'm interesting to fight him and get victory over him. Just get attention on August 4 and be ready. I will defend my title."


"Would you still wanna fight Adonis? Do you still wanna fight him?"

Sergey Kovalev:

"I'm ready to fight any champion, because my goal is to get all four titles, to be undisputed champion."


"Sergey, I am wondering, 35 years old. You've had these high-level fights and good paydays and have been a long time in this sport. How much do you still love, or how much do you still like boxing?"

Sergey Kovalev:

"I don't feel that I am old or something like that. It's just a number for me, 35. God blessed me and gave me an opportunity as still fighting on this level, like a champion, and I'll be fighting, I hope, 'til I get all four titles. It's my goal and when I get this goal I am done. That will be like a goal to retire."


"Egis, what do you see outside looking in? How much does your guy still like or love boxing?"

Egis Klimas:

"Well, if I see him every day in the gym, working for two, three hours, sparring with a bigger guy and not saying much about it, I think it's still in him what he had. He's not complaining. He's always ready and every time he sees me he's always asking about possibilities about who's gonna be next. I think he's still interested in this sport and I think he's still gonna bring something to it."


"Sergey, I don't want to disrespect your foe for this fight. I'm wondering, does it get frustrating for you that we, the media and fans, still ask about people like Andre Ward and Adonis Stevenson and guys that are not at the table right now? Is that frustrating for you?"

Sergey Kovalev:

"No, it's okay, because it already was; this is part of my career, you know, and I understand everything. I got a big experience from Andre Ward, the fight, you know, like and what was around this fight. Also, I'm happy that I'm still fighting, but Andre Ward already retired."

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