LIVE Results! Ramirez and Ancajas Defend Titles on ESPN

Live tonight on ESPN at 10:15pm EST, Super Middleweight standout Gilberto Ramirez will be defending his WBO Title against complete unheralded Habib Ahmed, preceded by the highly anticipated co-feature showcasing Jerwin Ancajas putting his IBF Super Flyweight Title on the line against the rugged Israel Gonzalez.  The bouts are being conducted at the Bank of America Center in Corpus Christ, TX by Top Rank's Bob Arum. 

The undercard begins streaming on ESPN's services at 7:00pm, including Jesse Hart battling Thomas Awimbono in a Super Middleweight scrap, and Rohan Murdock, having not lost since 2011, looking for a statement win in his first fight outside of his native Australia. Prospects Teofimo Lopez and Jose Benavidez will also be featured on tonight's card. Fighful will have results from the undercard and live, round-by-round, results during the main telecast, come join us! 

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Gilberto Ramirez (36-0, 24 KO) WBO Super Middleweight Title v. Habib Ahmed (25-0-1, 17 KO)  

Winner: Gilberto Ramirez via TKO Round 6 (2:30) 


  1. Referee Lawrence Cole gives his final instructions and has the fighters touch them up to figure out who will take their first loss this evening. Ahmed comes out and both men looking to exert their jab early. Zurdo looking to use his reach. Ahmed looking to be the aggressor. Ramirez starts to pressure a little more but Ahmed keeping him honest. The champ start to land a few hard lefts. Ahmed returns a very flush right, to which Ramirez responds with a right uppercut. Clean right by Zurdo, followed by a left, right combo. Hard left misses by the champ. Round 1 Ramirez 10-9 
  2. Ahmed comes out jabbing in round 2. Habib starts going to the body. Ramirez backs him up into the ropes with body shots. Ahmed comes right back to the body. Ramirez looking to get in but Ahmed keeping him at bay. Ramirez with two lefts to back up Ahmed then a clean right but Ahmed comes right back with a couple of his own. Another good combo by Ramirez. Uppercut snuck in by the champion. Ramirez backs him up with a couple more rights and Ahmed is in the corner. Ramirez back to the body with a few glancing shots. Both men land straights. Round 2 Ramirez 10-9  (Ramirez 20-18)
  3. Ramirez starting out pressuring the contender. Ramirez with a good combo but Ahmed comes right back and backs the champ up. Ramirez misses high and Ahmed connects to the body. Ramirez missing his uppercuts by a mile. Ramirez is cut over his right eye with blood pouring out. Zurdo lands a blow and the ref stops the bout for a second to announce an accidental headbutt that caused the cut on Ramirez. Ramirez starts to pressure Ahmed into the ropes. Ahmed counters with two hard rights. A hard right lands for Ramirez and both men exchange in the middle of the ring. Ahmed backs up but works his way back to the middle of the ring. Uppercut lands for Zurdo. Round 3 Ramirez 10-9 (Ramirez 30-27)
  4. Zurdo's cut already dripping to start round 4. Lands a good left to begin the round. Ahmed goes to the body with a straight right, but Zurdo returns with a combo. Ramirez stalking Ahmed around the ring. Good left in an exchange for the champ. Ahmed eating a few shots now. Two shots to the body slow the challenger down. Ramirez looking for his opening now and has Ahmed on the run. Ramirez gets him in the corner but can not capitalize. Easy round for the champ. Round 4 Ramirez 10-9 (Ramirez 40-36)
  5. Ramirez starts with a good left to the chin of the challenger. A hard right snaps back the head of Ahmed and he seems stunned for a second. Ramirez is going in for the kill, as Ahmed is simply backing up and trying to block. A hard left stumbles Ahmed again and another right hook lands clean. Habib is simply backing up and taking punishment this round. Ramirez throwing hard rights and barely missing. Ahmed on his bicycle to survive right now. A good uppercut stings Ahmed and another clean right stops him in his tracks. Ahmed comes back with a right but Ramirez is directly back after him. Zurdo throwing and missing on the ropes. Combination lands solid for Ramirez. Ramirez stumbles Ahmed again. Ramirez absolutely dominating, huge round for the champion. Round 5 Ramirez 10-8 (Ramirez 50-44)
  6. Ahmed coming out and getting stalked to start the 6th. The corner of Ahmed is on their toes at this point. Zurdo slowing down some and picking his spots. Ahmed fired back with a short left, but Zurdo right back with a combo. Ramirez lands a clean shot to the chest and one more to the body. Ahmed escapes from the corner. Zurdo having to literallyc hase Ahmed now. He is taking huge shots in the corner and Zurdo is absolutely crushing Ahmed now as he runs out of the corner again. Ramirez wailing upon Ahmed in the corner and lands two rights that hurt Ahmed and one more right lands that has the ref looking very closely at stopping in. Ahmed won't go down, but he is getting demolished right now. The corner steps in and stops the fight 2 minutes and 30 seconds into the 6th round. Gilberto "Zurdo" Ramirez retains his WBO Super Middleweight title in very impressive fashion. Winner: Gilberto Ramirez TKO Roound 6 (2:30)

Jerwin Ancajas (28-1-1, 19 KO) IBF Super Flyweight Title v. Israel Gonzalez (21-1, 8 KO)

Winner: Jerwin Ancajas via KO Round 10 


  1. Ancajas coming out with a few jabs early. Strong jabs coming in again for the champion. Crowd starts a "Mexico" chant then Gonzalez lands a combo met by a hard left by Ancajas that sends Gonzalez to the mat. He is up for the count and pressing Ancajas. Ancajas looking for big shots to end the show early. Good left to the body by Israel. Jerwin back to the body with straight lefts. Good left and a rollout from Ancajas. Round 1 Ancajas 10-8 
  2. Good right by Ancajas to open the round. Gonzalez with a few good shots to the body to back Ancajas up a bit. Jerwin throwing straights to the body. Gonzalez using his jab to try to get inside. Good left by Ancajas as he goes back to the body. Gonzalez lands a couple to the body but eats one upstairs. Hard left makes Gonzalez hold on. Ancajas really looking to open up his left with the jab. Both men coming with big shots to end the round. Round 2 Ancajas 10-9  (Ancajas 20-17)
  3. Gonzalez with a flurry to the body early but Jerwin comes back with a couple good shots upstairs. Hard right hand from the champ backs Gonzalez up to the ropes. Jerwin eats two hard shots inside. Ancajas misses two lefts. Israel counters with a left. Hard left by Ancajas, but Gonzalez comes back with two to the body. Hard jab by the champ followed by a hard left hook. Round 3 Gonzalez 10-9 (Ancajas 29-27)
  4. Ancajas lands two hard shots to open the 4th. Both men failing to land much a minute into the round. Ancajas pawing with the jab. Big miss by Gonzalez, and Jerwin just ducked another right. Gonzalez comes in strong but is stopped in his tracks, then Ancajas buckles his knees with a right. Slow round, but an Ancajas round. Round 4 Ancajas 10-9 (Ancajas 39-36)
  5. ESPN showcasing their 5 camera system, which shows fighters backstage and a few shots of the fight. Gonzalez pressing hard and is backing the champion up. Crowd starting to get into it, as Gonzalez still coming in strong but Jerwin clinching. Things slow down a big a minute into the round. Israel throwing hard to the body but nothing landing of note. Ancajas is countering with his left hand consistently. Gonzalez goads Ancajas in for a nice exchange. Hard left hits hard on Gonzalez's temple. Jerwin stole the round at the end. Round 5 Ancajas 10-9 (Ancajas 49-45)
  6. Hard shot landed by Jerwin, and referee Rafael Ramos steps in to tape Gonzalez's glove. Ancajas lands a couple jabs followed by a right to the body. Gonzalez swinging and missing, Jerwin is landing soft shots upstairs. A hard jab buckles the challenger. Ancajas seems to be settling in with combos landing regularly.  Round 6 Ancajas 10-9 (Ancajas 59-54)
  7. Referee shown giving Ahmed and Ramirez their initial instructions backstage. Gonzalez coming out slower each round now. Jerwin lands a hard left. Both men land rights, followed by a hard left by Ancajas again. Gonzalez follows with a flurry that doesn't phase the champion. Another left from Ancajas moves Gonzalez back, followed by another hook. Gonzalez connects low only to be met with a left hook. Ancajas looking for the knockout blow as the action has hit a lull. A hard right directly before the rounds end from the champion. Round 7 Ancajas 10-9 (Ancajas 69-63)
  8. Hard left to open the 8th for Jerwin. Right uppercut just misses for Ancajas who spins out a counter. Gonzalez coming straight in at this point. Hard left lands again for Jerwin. The challenger just has no answers for when Jerwin comes in behind his jab. Round 8 Ancajas 10-9 (Ancajas 79-72)
  9. Ancajas opens with more jabs. Puch stats show a 110-38 landed punch advantage for Jerwin. More pawing with the jab, followed by a hard left. Gonzalez throwing low but not landing anything. Ancajas lands a few and gets out of harms way. Ancajas eats a left but comes back with a few more shots of his own. Another easy round for the champion. Round 9 Ancajas 10-9 (Ancajas 89-81)
  10. Ancajas lands a hard straight right. Both men just staring 30 seconds in. Gonzalez throws a combo that is caught by Jerwin's tight defense. Hard right hook lands and hurts Gonzalez. Gonzalez fights off the ropes but a straight left puts Gonzalez down hard. He takes the 8 count and gets up but does not look great. A left hook wipes him out and Rafael Ramos waves it off immediately. Great left hook to end the night for Gonzalez, and Jerwin Ancajas retains his IBF Super Flyweight Title.   Winner:  Jerwin Ancajas KO Round 10 



Undercard Results:

Teofimo Lopez v. John Delperdang (8 rds, Lightweight)

            W Teofimo Lopez  UD8 

Jesse Hart v. Thomas Awimbono (10 rds, Super Middleweight)

            W Jesse Hart  TKO 1 

Gabriel Flores Jr. v. Alex Solorio  (4 rds, Super Featherweight)

            W Gabriel Flores Jr.  TKO 1 

Rohan Murdock v. Frankie Filippone (8 rds, Super Middleweight)

            W Rohan Murdock  TKO 5 

Jose Benavidez Jr. v. Matthew Strode (8 rds, Welterweight)

            W Jose Benavidez Jr.  TKO 8 

David Kaminsky v. Rafael Munoz  (4 rds, Jr. Middleweight)

            W David Kaminsky  UD4







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