Lyman Good Suing Supplement Company


Former Bellator MMA Welterweight Champion Lyman Good was supposed to fight at UFC 205, but was pulled from the card after a failed drug test. USADA, despite suspending Good, had agreed with the fighter in that his failed drug test did come from a tainted supplement.

Since USADA said the fighter took a tainted supplement, there was only a six month suspension handed to him.

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The fighter has decided to sue the Gaspari Nutrition, Richard Gaspari, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, Jared Wheat and Vitamin Shoppe in the first of two lawsuits. In the second lawsuit, the fighter is going after Millennium Sports Technologies and Matthew Masuda.

TMZ first reported the news.

Good is claiming that all involved should pay damages for breach of express warranty, deceptive acts & practices, false advertising and assault & battery.

David Fish, the lawyer for Good, is stating that Gaspari Nutrition has continued in their fraudulent scheme of adulteration and steroid distribution.

“Defendants initiated and have continued this fraudulent scheme of adulteration and steroid distribution despite prior and ongoing lawsuits against them for similar conduct, as they appear to believe that this scheme is still profitable,” Fish wrote in the complaint obtained by MMA Fighting. “For this reason, Plaintiff seeks injunctions and punitive damages to punish and deter the repeated, unlawful behavior of Defendants. (Vitamin Shoppe) knows that adulteration pervades dietary supplements and consciously disregards the adulteration of Anavite, yet distributes and delivers Anavite to trusting customers.”

Fish also states in the complaint against Millennium that certain ingredients for their products weren’t written on the labels.

“These representations are false or misleading because Cordygen-VO2 ULTRA contains 1-androstenedione (“1-andro”), which is not disclosed on the label and is prohibited for use by certain mixed martial arts (“MMA”) athletes,” states Fish.

None of the defendants in the case have yet to publicly respond to the lawsuit and Good has already returned from his suspension, last competing at UFC On Fox 25.

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