Mares vs. Cuellar Results: Mares Wins WBA Strap with Decision, Charlo Retains in Dominant Fashion

Welcome to's live viewing party of Abner Mares meeting Jesus Cuellar for the latter's WBA featherweight title, as well as Julian Williams challenging for Jermall Charlo's IBF Junior Middleweight title . We'll be bringing you recaps and full, round-by-round coverage of the main event fights, which will be broadcasted on Showtime pay-per-view at 10:00 PM EST tonight!!

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Tonight's Card Features:

- Jesus Cuellar (28-1, 21 KO) v. Abner Mares (29-2-1, 15 KO) for Cuellar's WBA World Featherweight Title

Winner: Abner Mares; Split Decision (117-110, 116-111 Mares, 115-112 Cuellar)

- Jermell Charlo (28-0, 13 KO) v. Julian "J Rock" Williams (22-0-1, 14 KO) for Charlo's IBF World Super Welterweight Title

Winner: Jermell Charlo; KO Round 5

- Sergey Lipinets (10-0) v. Leonardo Zappavigna (35-2-0) -Super Lightweights

Winner: Sergey Lipinets; KO Round 8

- Josesito Lopez (33-7) v. Todd Manuel (12-11-1) - Super Welterweight

Winner: Josesito Lopez; UD (60-54x2, 59-55)

- Erickson Lubin (16-0) v. Juan Ubaldo Cabrera (23-1) - Middleweights

Winner: Erickson Lubin; TKO Round 2

- Marrio Barrios (16-0) v. Claudio Rosendo Tapia (28-17-4) - Super Lightweights

Winner: Marrio Barrios; TKO Round 2

- Hugo Centeno Jr. (24-1) v. Ronald Montes (17-4) - Super Middleweights

Winner: Hugo Centeno Jr.; RTD Round 3

*** Jermell Charlo v. Julian Williams: IBF World Super Welterweight Championship ***

Round 1: WIlliams landing to the body. Charlo leading in with his jab and trying to keep Williams off pace. A couple good rights from Williams. Williams jabbing to the body again. Two jabs land by Charlo to end the round. Williams slightly more active this round.

Fightful Scores Round 1 for Williams 10-9

Round 2: Both men tied up in the middle trying to land in a clinch. Charlo lands a HUGE left down the pipe and DOWN GOES WILLIAMS. He is wobbly on his legs and looks awful getting up. Ref gives him a count and the fight continues. 1:30 left in the round. Williams seems to have gathered himself for the moment. Good left hook by Williams. Another left by Charlo. Hard right lands for Williams. Charlo using his jab to get on the inside. Another jab for Charlo. Williams survives the round but the damage was done. He shakes his head as if he is fine on the way to the corner.

Fightful scores round two 10-8, Charlo. 19-18 Charlo

Round 3: Good two rights for Williams. Charlo gets on the inside and bullies Williams. Williams comes back with 2 nice counters of his own. Big swinging hook just misses for Charlo. A couple pot shot jabs for Williams. Charlo just missed a couple big shots. Charlo gets WIlliams in the corner with 10 seconds left and the men tie up. Not much productive action this round

Fightful scores round 3 10-9, Charlo. 29-27 Charlo

Round 4: Williams comes pushing the action. Charlo very comfortable waiting for his window to open. A nice combo for Williams followed by a good 2-punch combo from Charlo. Jab for Williams followed by a right from Charlo Both men swinging for the fences and just missing. Good jab from Williams. Williams having much better movement this round. Big uppercut misses for Charlo. Good jab for Charlo. Right to the chest for Williams. Good swaying and counter for Williams. Close round but Williams was slightly more active and accurate.

Fightful scores round 4 10-9 Williams, 38-37 Charlo

Round 5: A couple glancing shots by Williams followed by a decent counter by Charlo. Both men tie up and fall into the ropes. Williams with a nice glancing right. Clinching again with Charlo throwing in the clinch. Both scuffling in the middle of the ring again before the ref separates them. Jab for Charlo. Good right for Charlo. Right by Williams catches Charlo's guard and AN UPPERCUT BY CHARLO AND WILLIAMS GOES DOWN IN A HEAP! HE IS UP BUT DOES NOT LOOK GOOD. Charlo on the attack and Williams is down again and the ref waves if off!!! WOW What a shot from Charlo. Williams does his best to continue but had no clue where he was after the first knockdown of the round.

Winner via KO in round 5, Jermell Charlo

*** Jesus Cuellar v. Abner Mares: WBA World Featherweight Championship ***

Round 1: Both men come out throwing a combination. Clash of heads has the ref check them both. Feinting from both. A short right for Mares. Mares with a swift combo landing. Two HARD left hooks and Cuellar stumbles. Another hard right followed by a left for Mares. Another left and Cuellar ducks in to block off another barrage. Two rights to the body from Cuellar. Left for the southpaw Cuellar. Cuellar comes in but Mares clinches. Jab for Cuellar. And another. Tries to go low but Mares has an answer. Hard left for Cuellar. A couple shots landing for each man. Tons of action to start off this fight, but Mares had the more telling shots.

Fightful Scores Round 1 10-9, Mares

Round 2: Two hard rights by Cuellar and another. A hard uppercut from Cuellar and now they are trading again. Both men lunging in and missing with glancing blows into a clinch. Two shots to the body for Cuellar who is coming on strong this round. Mares back to jabbing. Rough exchange against the ropes with both men landing. Mares with a right and Cuellar coming back with two body shots. Hard right again by Mares. Left hooks by Mares. Jap for Mares. Hard shot for Cuellar pops Mares' head back hard. Another exchange with not much landing to end the round. Cuellar was slightly more active this round and effective.

Fightful Scores Round 2 10-9, Cuellar; 19-19

Round 3: A couple soft lefts for Mares to begin the third. Then we are right back to a heated exchange. Wide right by Cuellar then tying up. Cuellar backs Mares again but gets tied up. Mares lands a jab on Cuellar's way in. Feinting from both men. Cuellar with a loping right and an jab. Mares misses a few more. Cuellar gets inside and Mares ties up again. Good exchange in the corner and working the way back out with combos from each. Cuellar comes forward again, pressing Mares this round. Cuellar seems to be more active still. Both landing good shots and close rounds.

Fightful scores round 3 10-9 Cuellar, 29-28 Cuellar

Round 4: A little more feeling out to start the 4th. Hard right by Cuellar. Right by Mares glances by Cuellar. Next right lands solid. Uppercut by Mares and one to the body in the clinch. Another couples touches by Mares. Cuellar to the body and catches Mares with a good body shot. Cuellar coming in again with Mares clinching. Working in close. Left for Mares. Another low shot from Cuellar and Mares complains of being hit behind the head. Cuellar bullrushing now. Mares landing the more telling shots that round

Fightful scores round 4 10-9, Mares; 38-38

Round 5: Mares with a body shot and Cuellar returns it. Another hard left to the body from Cuellar. Mares leans in with a right that misses. Mares coming in but caught with a short left hook. Cuellar to the body on the ropes Right for Mares and a left that lands clean. Left uppercut for Mares and a wild right from Cuellar. Hard left down the middle for Cuellar. Big looping left that barely misses Mares. Exchange on the ropes, Mares seems to land a few. Hard left from Cuellar. Right for Mares. Another for Mares. Right for Mares.

Fightful scores round 5 10-9, Mares; 48-47 Mares

Round 6: Cuellar coming in with a couple jabs. Mares with a combo. Both men landing a few early. Mares with a left and spins to his left. A couple more shots and staying on the move for Mares. Trying to wear Cuellar down. Both men land a left. Good right for Cullar. Another good shot for Cuellar. Left for Cuellar and going to the body. Trying to get Mares in the corner but Mares clinches. Looping shots miss for both men. Cuellar stumbles into Mares. Good right jab by Cuellar before the bell.

Fightful scores round 6 10-9 Cuellar; 57-57

Round 7: Hard right for Mares on the inside. Cuellar throwing rights trying to get inside. Cuellar to the body and Mares landing one upstairs. Hard right for Mares but Cuellar catches him at the same time. Hard left for Cuellar down the middle of Mares' defense. Left for Cuellar. A couple jabs land for Mares. Mares lunges but finds a counter left. Good combo catches Cuellar and they trip each other up. Cuellar goes down but ruled a slip, rightfully so. Cuellar comes out throwing. Using his right to lead inside. Cuellar throwing to the body in the clinch. Hard left to the body for Cuellar. Left upstairs then a right to the body for Mares. Really good round. But have to give it to Mares. Seems to be the more effective puncher.

Fightful scores round 7 10-9 Mares, 67-66 Mares

Round 8: A couple hard shots for Cuellar. Mares jabbing and backpedaling. Comes in with a hard right. Cuellar lunges but finds air. Good combo from Mares out of the corner. Cuellar lands a short right down the middle and another left. Another jab for Cuellar but Mares matches him. Good right from Mares. Good left sneaks in for Cuellar. Mares getting more jabs in and seems to be more consistently landing the last couple rounds.

Fightful scores round 8 10-9 Mares, 77-75 Mares

Round 9: Good right-left for Cuellar. Two shots to the body for Cuellar and they clinch. They work out of it and both get a shot in. Cuellar going low again. Mares with a couple body shots and Cuellar comes right back. Mares landing a few combo's in a row. Mares feinting in leading Cuellar to go to the body. Cuellar complains of a head butt, but the ref continues the fight after a brief check. Mares spins around with a vicious left. Both men throwing after the bell and have to be broken up! This is getting heated!

Fightful scores round 9 10-9 Mares, 87-84 Mares

Round 10: Both men trading to start the 10th. Cuellar gets Mares with a couple shots and retreats. Cuellar pressing hard. Ref needs to break them from a tie up again. Looping rights from Mares just miss. Cuellar right a hard straight right. Another hard left for Cuellar and one for Mares into a clinch. Cuellar with another jab. Two hard rights for Mares. Mares with a 3 punch combo landing flush. Right to the body for Mares. Cuellar trying to get inside but Mares is just a little too quick to keep him off.

Fightful scores round 10 10-9 Mares, 97-93 Mares

Round 11: Mares lands a vicious right and down goes Cuellar hard! First knockdown of the fight. Mares smells blood and comes in with a few hard punches. Another right for Mares. Cuellar seems to be ok but Mares is really puring it on. Has him against the ropes and hammering away now. Ref takes a close look and Cuellar spins out. Mares back on him and just wont quit pressuring Cuellar. Another right for Mares and Cuellar fending him off with a jab and some hooks to the body. Hard left for Cuellar. Mares with another straight right. Two punch combo lands for Mares. Cuellar gets through but Mares matches him.

Fightful scores round 11 10-8 Mares, 107-101 Mares

Round 12: Cuellar pressing hard here in the 12th. Mares trading right with him. Cuellar lands a left and a glancing right but nothing to rough up Mares much. A good left for Cuellar followed by a skull rattling Right by Mares. Cuellar leaning in and throwing. Lands two but Mares catches him right back. Mares has Cuellar on the ropes now, looking to put a statement on the round. Cuellar throwing wildly but Mares now running around with his arms raised, seeming to know he should have this fight wrapped up. Another round for Mares in a great performance.

Fightful scores round 12 10-9 Mares, 117-110 Mares.

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