McGregor On Mayweather Trash Talk: "He's Afraid Of A Real Fight"

The war of words between boxer Floyd Mayweather and UFC champion Conor McGregor continues.

Mayweather went off to TMZ about McGregor--specifically saying that any attempt to compare the two fighters was "disrespectful."

UFC 300 Weigh Ins

"I didn't know he was undefeated, I didn't know he reigned in MMA for 20 years and was undefeated, and was world champion in five different weight classes. That's something I didn't know," Mayweather told TMZ. "If you say he's the Floyd Mayweather of MMA, then I'm trying to find out. Has he ever made $300 million in one night? $100 million in one night? $70 million in one night?"

Mayweather retired from boxing last year after compiling an unblemished 49-0 record, with 26 wins by knoxkout. 

"I'm a legend, a living legend; to the sport of boxing I gave years and years of hard work; there was blood, sweat and tears," Mayweather added. "Conor McGregor can go out there and do what he do, but never compare Conor McGregor to me, it's a total disrespect. Once again, I'm an elephant. Elephants don't beef with ants, an elephant is so large it doesn't even see ants."

TMZ caught up with McGregor for a response, asking if he believed that Mayweather had not watched the fight.

"Do you believe him?" McGregor retorted.

When pressed on Mayweather's recent words likening him to an elephant and McGregor to an ant, the Irishman said, "Tell him to say it to my face. Much respect to Floyd. He's a solid businessman on what he's been able to do." McGregor would later say at a New York Club “He's a f—king animal at what he's been able to do. But as far as real fighting, as far as true pure unarmed combat, Floyd don't want none of this. He wants a boxing match, he doesn't want a fight. I want a $100 million cash to fight him under boxing rules. He's afraid of a real fight."

Earlier this year, there was a significant amount of hype about a potential boxing fight between the two combat sports participants, but in September, Mayweather said that bout would not happen.

McGregor became the first double champion in UFC history this past Saturday, defeating Eddie Alvarez by TKO in the second round to win the lightweight title. McGregor already held the featherweight title, which he has yet to defend. UFC 205, held at Madison Square Garden, produced the largest gate in the history of the venue and broke the promotion's pay-per-view record.

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