Michael Bisping Says Tyron Woodley Has The Right To Defend Himself


UFC Middleweight Champion Michael Bisping and UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley have teased a potential super fight against each other in the past.

Woodley has also spoken out against the UFC and his critics as of late, which is something that Bisping says the champ has a right to do.

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“He was getting booed in his last fight and he wasn't happy about that,” Bisping said on Believe You Me. “But, he's also getting put on good fight cards. I mean, he fought on the same card as Conor, UFC 205 at Madison Square Garden, then he fought on the same card as Jon Jones. The guy's been on mega mega fight cards, and the bigger fight cards you're on, for those that don't realize, you get a piece of the cake if you're the champion. And therefor, you're making money. And he's been on a lot of these cards as well. So, he really hasn't got anything to feel sorry for himself. I don't know, I don't know. Tyron's a good guy. But it is hard, though, if you put yourself in his position, when you go out there and you're fighting and you give up your life, and you go out there. And the fight against Demian Maia was, it was a very very tactical fight. And he stopped 21, 22 takedowns, which isn't easy to do, and the crowd were booing like crazy. And on top of that, Dana did kind of take a dump on him a little bit, publicly. So, I guess he has got a right to defend himself.”

The two could still clash down the line because Woodley said he wants the winner of the middleweight title fight at UFC 217, although Woodley did pick Georges St. Pierre to win that fight.

Bisping also spoke about prejudices that he has felt himself, going as far as to say that being white has become a sin.

“Did he (Woodley) call the UFC racist?” Bisping said. “Did he actually go out there and say the UFC? Did he say he feels that racism exists within the UFC? Because that's a pretty strong quote. And I'll be honest, I can't see that. I mean, of course I'm not black, I'm white, I'm English. Although, these days, white people seem to be, we seem to be suffering a bit of racism. It's almost a sin to be white these days, because we're over-privileged, just because the color of our skin. But, yeah, I've never experienced racism, so I can't empathize with him and I can't put myself in his shoes. But, I will go out on a limb and say, 'Come on.' The UFC want to put on the biggest fights and the best fights and I don't really think color of skin comes into it, but maybe I'm wrong.”

While Bisping is scheduled to fight at the upcoming UFC 217 card, the welterweight champion doesn’t have a fight signed at the moment.

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