MMA Continues to Evolve – What is M1-Global's Medieval MMA?


Since the first UFC event took place in Denver during 1993, the interest in MMA as a sport has exploded. The UFC has grown massively since then and is now one of the most widely followed combat sport franchises. Of course, the success of mixed martial arts in the last 30 years has meant that plenty of other top competitions have emerged to wow fight fans.

Bellator is a good example, as are championships such as One and the Professional Fighters League. The constant addition of new franchises within MMA is actually a very good thing and one of the reasons it has been able to grow so much over time.

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More championships mean more fights to watch, more fighters to follow and more MMA news to track down. It has also allowed the sport to gain more media attention and attract lots of fans.

Evolution of MMA continues with M1-Global’s Medieval MMA

MMA is always changing to incorporate new ideas and give fans what they want. Betting on MMA is proof of this and has enabled the industry to reach out to many more people over time. Lots of people have gotten into following MMA franchises after betting on bouts first and placing wagers on the vast array of markets mixed martial arts betting includes.

M1-Global’s Medieval MMA contests are the latest example of MMA progressing constantly. M1-Global is based out of St Petersburg, Russia and has been staging high-profile mixed martial arts events since the late 1990s. This has included shows in the USA, such as their M-1 Global: Breakthrough in Kansas in 2009.

This franchise has recently started to push MMA in a whole new direction though with their Medieval MMA bouts. These fights involve competitors dressed up in full-scale knight’s armor and wielding swords and shields in the octagon.

The swords weigh up to 4.4lb and are blunted for safety, while the total armor weight can weigh up to 44lb. This makes taking part in Medieval MMA clashes a lot different from traditional MMA bouts. It also gives fights a distinct look which has attracted lots of attention in the media.

How does Medieval MMA from M-1 Global work?

The overall aim of this niche within MMA is the same as in more traditional bouts and involves fighters slugging it out over a specified number of rounds to emerge victorious. Matches can be won via stoppage or on points. As in standard MMA fights, points are awarded for specific things within a bout. In Medieval MMA, you can score points for disarming your opponent!

Athletes in this new type of MMA can use their weapons to attack but can also punch, kick and knee. Although a recent bout in Nashville during early June 2024 might have been the first time Americans have seen it, M1-Global has previously put on medieval-style clashes in Europe.

Medieval MMA has the Russian based promoter trying to move MMA towards a fresh style of fighting to light up the latest MMA headlines.

Will there be more Medieval MMA events globally?

As Medieval MMA is a relatively new concept, it’s hard to find details regarding future shows around the world. Much seems to rest on how well received the previous one in Nashville was and how popular an upcoming return to the city is in August 2024.

If this August event goes well and is popular with fans, then we could easily see M1-Global putting on more Medieval MMA bouts in the US and worldwide. As is the case with all combat sports, ticket sales and revenues will largely decide if this innovative MMA approach really takes off.

Why might Medieval MMA be a hit with fight fans?

Just as Sakuraba submitting Marella at Bloodsport Bushido was something many fight fans picked up on, Medieval MMA from M1-Global could also become a major hit. There is no doubt that it represents a new direction for mixed martial arts as a sport and could help it evolve in a unique, interesting way. So, what is it about this type of MMA bout which could make it a hit?

Much of this comes down to people simply liking to see something different that is a change from standard MMA clashes. Mixed martial arts have been popular for a long time now and people have become very familiar with how it all works. This means that Medieval MMA, which offers something refreshingly new to check out, is always going to catch people’s attention.

As with standard MMA matches, the sheer action and drama in Medieval MMA contests should interest fans. Even if you’re not into the whole Medieval roleplay thing, you will still get a buzz from watching people whacking each other with swords in an attempt to overcome their opponent.

How might Medieval MMA help the sport to evolve?

One way this might help MMA evolve is that Medieval MMA events could bring a whole new audience into mixed martial arts. This could involve people who are into cosplay or Medieval history who might not bother with standard MMA clashes. By bringing in a new audience like this, Medieval MMA could help mixed martial arts to gain even more fans over time.

In terms of evolution for MMA overall, Medieval MMA from M1-Global might simply provide a fresh creative spark for other brands/promoters. This could involve showing other championships, such as the UFC, that they can diversify what they offer with success or highlighting that radical new ideas can work in MMA settings. The net result of this could be other franchises putting on unique MMA events which help the sport move forward.

What other evolutions in MMA could Medieval MMA inspire?

As noted above, one of the ways that Medieval MMA could help mixed martial arts evolve is the new thinking it could provoke around other championships.

The most obvious place to start would be MMA events/bouts which are based on people fighting from other periods in time. This might not always have to be going back in history either. Advances in technology could be incorporated for fighters to use in Sci-Fi MMA bouts. If MMA does look to the past to transform as it moves ahead, Roman or Greek MMA could become a thing.

Evolution in MMA is not just about what competitors wear or use in the Octagon though. It might also apply to the rules in the sport, which might be refined to make bouts even more realistic or safer. It may also focus on how matches work, with tag team ideas borrowed from wrestling or other ideas to attract fans. Wherever MMA heads next though, you can bet it will be a thrilling ride and take fans to even more exciting places.

Medieval MMA from M1-Global: MMA’s new frontier

M1-Global is a well-known name in MMA circles and has been putting on top events for a while. Their Medieval MMA series is a fresh concept that certainly made headlines in Nashville during early June 2024. If they can continue to make this new take on MMA a success, then it will certainly help the sport continue to evolve moving ahead. One thing is for sure — this is a great time to be a fight fan and an MMA lover.

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