MMA Summer - UFC 303 & UFC 304 Picks and Predictions


We have one of the best MMS summers ahead of us with two massive events scheduled for June and July. Yes, there have been cancellations and dropping out by fighters, but despite the shifts in cards, we will witness some of the better bouts in recent times. As far as UFC 303 is concerned the headlining duel will be the fight between Alex Pereira and Jiri Procházka. Their last bout ended with a knockout so we expected a lot of hard-hitting this time around too.

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UFC 303 Event Details

Here we have an amazing event coming our way, and when you hear that it's hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada you know things are going to get spicy. T-Mobile Arena is a household name in the world of fighting and we're going to have an amazing June night of fights once again we're sure of it. If you still haven't made your UFC picks for the UFC 303 there's still time as the main event starts on June 29th. So, there's still time but you have to hurry up.

Picks & Predictions for UFC 303

Just like any other event organized by UFC, this one will be full of good bouts. As is usually the case, the majority of fans will have their focus on the battle between Alex and Jiri. But, this doesn't mean that there will not be fistfights and takedowns in other bouts. To prove our point we're going to single out the top matches in our opinion followed by predictions for the given duels.

Alex Pereira vs. Jiri Procházka

It wasn't that long ago that these two crossed their spears. At UFC 295 in November of 2023, we had the honor to witness the duel between these two beasts. If you remember, Alex Pereira came out as eventual winner after handing Jiri a TKO in the second round. But, it wasn't a one-sided duel. Before giving Procházka a taste of his famous left hook, Pereira was taken down a few times and took some damage himself too. With our previous knowledge combined with the current form and style of both fighters, Alex has a slight advantage and it's all due to the difference in their leg-kicking power.

One reason why fans are scared that Alex and Jiri are not coming out in full power is that both had fights in April. It is also well known that Pereira is facing issues with his thumb which might even be broken. At the same time, Procházka had a good battle with Alexander Rakic which he won but not after exchanging dozens of hits. So, while it's hard to single out a favorite at this moment, we have to go with Alex Pereira.

Prediction: Pereira wins by KO/TKO.

Brian Ortega vs. Diego Lopes

As we said, many fighters canceled their participation at UFC 303 at short notice. Because of this, many fans were afraid that there would be no interesting bouts to watch and bet on. Ortega and Lopes are here to prove everyone wrong. Both fighters accepted the late call-up and now we have a classic on our hands. These two men have a history between them which is a clear signal that we'll have a classic on our hands in a few days. The best part is that Lopes is on a hot streak with three consecutive wins and as a reward he was given a duel vs. Brian Ortega.

Dana White is surely hoping that the difference in styles will be a treat for the fans. Ortega is well-known as a master of BJJ and as a tough opponent for any fighter. The only downside to his presence is the fact that he hadn't had a competitive duel in some time now. This is why we favor Lopes to win this one.

Prediction: Lopes wins by TKO.

Ian Machado Garry vs. Michael Page

This is a matchup made in heaven for all the fans of UFC. Two hitting monsters pitted one against the other. The style both fighters practice relies heavily on hitting prowess and we can expect a lot of it on Saturday. Ian Machado Garry is well-known as a fan of none other than Conor McGregor and he'll be looking to add another knockout to his collection. Ian is still undefeated and he faces a stern test with Michael Page.

Page, on the other hand, is not a household name in the UFC having made a name for himself at Bellator. Because of this, his history at the UFC is only one fight long. But, that was a fine outing against Kevin Holland. What makes him a good draw against Machado is his creativity in movement, speed, and fine striking ability. This is going to be one of the best duels at UFC 303 and if you agree check out these UFC odds on upcoming fights.

Prediction: Ian Machado Garry wins by KO.

Anthony Smith vs. Roman Dolidze

We can't say if this bout will be ended by skill or by pure luck. If you don't know, three names were scheduled for this fight before Roman Dolidze. The Georgian fighter was the fourth choice after Rountree, Ulberg, and Hill canceled. Anthony Smith was waiting on his opponent so we remain unsure if he has a game plan set. Either way, the unpredictability of this bout is what will make it so fun to watch.

Because of all the issues surrounding this match and Roman's current form (he lost his last three UFC fights) Smith is a clear-cut favorite to win this one by the bookies. Also, in his most recent fight, Anthony won against Petrino and has made a sign that he will push to higher heights in the future. While Dolidze is a more experienced fighter we can't see it playing a role here.

Prediction: Anthony Smith wins by UD.

Myra Bueno Silva vs. Macy Chiasson

Myra vs. Macy is a bout between two similar fighters. This is a good premise for an entertaining battle. Also, they have a similar win/loss ratio and we hope that this will be a motive for both to come out on top. At the moment Silva is trailing as she lost her last match against Pennington. At the same time, Chiasson won her last bout and is brimming with confidence. Nonetheless, we can't look past their careers and style of fighting both of which make Silva a favorite to win this one. Just look at her number of wins, striking prowess, and overall experience.

While all of this pushes tides in the direction of Bueno Silva we shouldn't write Macy just yet. What gives her a slight advantage in this duel is the height and reach she has over Silva. With all of the above said you can understand that this duel could go in either direction. It is a hard one to predict but we have to give you something.

Prediction: Myra Bueno Silva by UD

The Details of UFC 304

While the eyes of the fighting world are set on UFC 303, we must take a step into the future too. UFC 304 is also around the corner as it's scheduled to happen in less than one month from now. While every UFC event is worth watching, this one is a bit special as it will be a spectacular event on United Kingdom soil. So, unlike the UFC 303, the 304 edition will be brimming with the famous British fighting talent. After a while, the United Kingdom will have the chance to enjoy a UFC event.

As of now, the UFC 304 event is set for the 27th of July and it promises us a great deal of fun. The location for this one is no other than Manchester and its Co-op Live Arena. This is the first time that such an event will be held at this arena so we can expect only good things from the hosts. UFC was in Manchester before, but the last time an event was held there was in 2016 at UFC 204. So, buckle up, as we're in for one amazing ride.

Considering that we're one month away from UFC 304 we're going to focus only on the most interesting duels ahead. So, let us start with the main card.

Leon Edwards vs. Belal Muhammad

This duel is a rematch, but we're not exactly talking about rivalry. UFC 304 is a chance for Edwards to make a mark on UFC history. At the moment he's the reigning champion who defended his title on two occasions against Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington. At the moment he's on a twelve-win streak. It's no wonder things are like this as Leon is a combination of high-end striking prowess, good to great grappling, and perfect takedown defense.

On the other side of the octagon, we have Belal Muhammad who is a fine fighter in his own right. Their last bout ended too quickly so we can't conclude anything from it. At the moment Belal has won his eight last matches making him an ideal adversary to Edwards. As a fighter who never won a fight by KO, no one should be surprised that the bookies favor Edwards so much.

Prediction: Leon Edwards wins by TKO.

Tom Aspinall vs Curtis Blaydes

Tom Aspinall vs Curtis Blaydes is a rematch of a duel that never happened. Back in 2022, these two men were scheduled to fight. They did get into the octagon but the duel was interrupted only fifteen seconds in due to Aspinall's knee injury. Since then the fans have been eager to see who has the upper hand among these two fighters. At UFC 304 both fighters are coming in with full power and we can expect a conclusion to their rivalry.

While we expect a good fight, you shouldn't expect a slugfest that will last all three rounds. Tom Aspinall is known as a fighter who ends his fights before the time runs out. As of now all of his wins were by KO/TKO or submission. When you take this into account and the current UFC betting odds you can conclude that Aspinall is the favorite. Despite this, no one should write off Blaydes who is a wrestling master and has only lost four fights in his career.

Prediction: Tom Aspinall wins by KO.

How to Place Bets on UFC and MMA in General

There is no reason to panic when it comes to betting on MMA and UFC. First of all, you need a reliable partner. Platforms such as Stake online sportsbook fit this description. Once you open an account and make a deposit you can start betting. Let us walk you through all the necessary steps:

1. Register with platform such as

2. Decide on the amount of money you want to deposit.

3. Log into the account and start searching for UFC and MMA events.

4. Make upcoming UFC 303 and 304 the focus of your search.

5. Pick the event and the matches you want to bet on. Click on it to receive the betting options.

6. Add the selected match to your betting slip and confirm the bet.

7. Wait for the event to start, follow your fighter and your bet. If everything goes according to plan, withdraw your winnings.

Betting Options

While many of you must think that betting on UFC and MMA in general is straightforward, it is not all that black and Dana White. Just like any other sport, there are plenty of variations to the bets you can make. Just some of the primary ones are listed below:

* Betting on the match-winner

* 1x2

* Asian Totals

* Winning method

* Winning method (double chance)

* Winner and exact round

* Will the fight go the distance

As you can see, there are depths to UFC betting but things do not get too philosophical. At the end of the day, it's two men fighting. Once you have your betting partner set, and you pick your picks all that is left is to livestream the fights and enjoy the outcomes one way or another.

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