Fightful Boxing Newsletter (3/21) Table Of Contents:

1. Errol Spence Jr. Demolishes Mikey Garcia; Is Manny Pacquiao Next?

2. Deontay Wilder Rejects DAZN Offer, Goes To Showtime For Dominic Breazeale Fight (Page 2)

3. Tevin Farmer Retains IBF Super Featherweight Title On DAZN (Page 3)

4. Shawn Porter Retains WBC Welterweight Title, Looks Ahead Towards Bigger Fights (Page 4)

5. Dmitry Bivol, Maurice Hooker Retain Their Respective Titles On DAZN (Page 5)

6. Top Rank Boxing on ESPN+: Conlan vs. Hernandez Results (Page 6)

7. Kosei Tanaka Delivers Another Big Performance In Japan (Page 7)

Errol Spence Jr. Demolishes Mikey Garcia; Is Manny Pacquiao Next?

The world witnessed the rise of boxing’s next big star in Errol Spence Jr., who dominated Mikey Garcia at AT&T Stadium to retain his IBF welterweight title.

Spence turned what could have been a very exciting matchup and turned it into a boxing clinic as he overpowered Garcia almost from the start. Spence defended his IBF title by winning all 12 rounds on every official scorecard and cement his place on a top 10 spot on many boxing pundits' pound-for-pound lists.

The fight headlined a Fox pay-per-view, the third such pay-per-view event in the last four-and-a-half months. Although the last three major U.S. boxing pay-per-views were all PBC shows, this was the first one that Fox had any real direct involvement with as the other two events were handled by Showtime.

According to Mike Coppinger, the event, which was Fox's first-ever boxing pay-per-view broadcast, is expected to pull in strong numbers. Coppinger reported that the card is expected to do more than 350,000 buys and is climbing towards 400,000 buys. If the projections are true, it could potentially be the highest buyrate done for a U.S. boxing event headlined by two first-time pay-per-view main eventers since Sergio Martinez defeated Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. in 2012. That fight had at least 475,000 buys.

Overall, this is great news for Fox as it showed two things. The first is that Spence could potentially be built up as a future pay-per-view star against the right kind of opponent. The second is that the marketing from Fox does help get some extra buys compared to if the fight was on Showtime, where the visibility is slightly less than Fox.

This bodes well for Spence’s next fight which could be against Manny Pacquiao. Fox is clearly trying to build up to that fight by having Pacquiao be the only other welterweight titlist in the ring after the fight. Although Pacquiao didn’t seem that invested in answering questions about a potential fight against Spence, rest assured that he is very interested in that fight. At the moment, a Spence vs. Pacquiao fight is perhaps the most lucrative fight for either side.

As for Garcia, his career is now uncertain, not because he’s unsure of whether or not to fight again (he will), but he’s unsure of what weight class he will compete next.

Garcia, the four-division champion whose biggest goal right now in boxing is to win a welterweight title. Although unsuccessful in his fight against Spence, Garcia is still deciding on what weight class to fight next.

"I think I can achieve becoming a champion in the welterweight division. At this point, I don't know what to do. I'm resting in a week or two, I will plan out my future. Maybe I'll go down in weight to something more comfortable, but I know I can fight against the other champions at welterweight. Not all of them are as good and strong like Errol Spence. Sometimes you got to choose the most adequate rival. Since I go for the challenge, I opted to take the biggest, but I'll see what other challenges in other weight classes are out there to see if there's anything more comfortable," Garcia told ESPN Deportes.

But that doesn't mean that Garcia isn't willing to go back down to either junior welterweight or even lightweight, where he is still the current WBC champion. Going back down to 135 pounds isn't much of an issue for Garcia, but he did see that coming into a fight at more than 150 pounds, just as he did against Spence after re-hydrating following the weigh-ins, might have been too much for him.

"I still don't know. I'll see what options are available. I can make 135. I got 145 and didn't feel like the weight was too much to not take off in order to drop to 135, but stepping into the ring at 152 or 154 made the difference since it was too much to remain agile and fast," Garcia said.

PBC on Fox PPV: Spence vs. Garcia Results:

Errol Spence Jr. defeated Mikey Garcia by unanimous decision (120-107, 120-108, 120-108) to retain the IBF Welterweight title: The fight started off somewhat slow with both men feeling each other out and finding their range. Garcia had a brief moment where he seemed to have found a way to split Spence's guard with short-range combinations late in the second round, but after that, Spence started to let his hands go, landing power shots left and right. As the fight progressed, Garcia was not able to find a way to overcome the massive size difference between the two. Spence kept attacking and bruising Garcia's face, forcing Garcia to defend at various times in the fight and unable to win a single round in the judges' eyes. Garcia was getting outclassed by Spence to the point where his trainer and brother Robert Garcia threatened to stop the fight if Mikey did not produce a good 10th round. In response, Mikey started to work more and even landed a solid left hook, but even that was unable to even knock Spence off-balance. That was enough for Mikey to fight the last two rounds, but found himself unable to close the ever-growing lead on the scorecards.

David Benavidez defeated J'Leon Love by TKO, round 2: Benavidez was named WBC super middleweight “Champion in Recess” last year after failing a drug test. Benavidez was suspended but has since then served that suspension and this is his first fight back. Like with the other fights on this undercard, Benavidez dominated the bout and made quick work of his opponent. Benavidez was too strong and too quick against Love. Benavidez punished Love with multiple body shots and the referee stopped the fight in the second round in the midst of a flurry from Benavidez.

Luis Nery defeated McJoe Arroyo by RTD, round 4: This was Nery’s first fight after signing a deal with PBC. On paper, this could have been a fairly even fight, but Nery destroyed Arroyo with no remorse. Nery dropped Arroyo once in rounds two and three and twice in round 4. After the fourth round ended, Arroyo’s corner decided to end the fight to protect their fighter as there was no chance for Arroyo to make a comeback. Nery is hoping for a chance to fight for the WBC bantamweight title, currently being held by Nordine Oubaali, at some point in the future.

Chris Arreola defeated Jean Pierre Augustin by TKO, round 3: Arreola is fighting for the second time since ending his long hiatus from the sport. Arreola looked good in the fight, but he was expected to easily take care of Augustin from the start. Arreola is at the end of his career and his hoping for one more shot at the title. At this point, only a rematch against WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder would be feasible at this stage but that’s assuming he retains his title against Dominic Breazeale and doesn’t fight either Anthony Joshua, Dillian Whyte or Adam Kownacki next.

Charles Martin defeated Gregory Corbin by DQ, round 8: Terrible fight that had the most unsatisfying of endings and is likely going to be called one of the worst televised fights of 2019. Corbin was severely outmatched from the start, barely landing anything. Corbin then hit Martin below the belt numerous times and was penalized for it. In the eighth round, after Corbin hit another low blow, the referee stopped the fight and disqualified Corbin.

Lindolfo Delgado defeated James Roach by KO, round 1: This was a swing bout that ultimately ended up on the PPV broadcast. Delgado dominated the fight and ended the bout with a vicious body shot in the first round.

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