Deontay Wilder vs. Dominic Breazeale Results:

Deontay Wilder scored perhaps the biggest knockout win of his career when he landed a right hand to Dominic Breazeale in the first round of their WBC heavyweight title fight on May 18.

Its significance comes not from the opponent because Breazeale isn’t Wilder’s best win, but in the manner in which it was done and in the way it has overtaken social media and further kindled the demand for a fight between the three biggest heavyweight stars today (Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury and Wilder).

The fight, or at least the two minutes that both men were in the ring, garnered a ton of attention online with multiple clips getting millions of views (including one from CBS that has been viewed on Twitter at least 10 million times).

It certainly is good for Wilder’s case that he not only got the big knockout win over Breazeale, but also be the first of the three heavyweights to have their big fight this summer. The crowd in America could likely be more sympathetic to their own heavyweight who has been asking for those big fights, even though, in reality, all three heavyweights deserved to be blamed at least somewhat for not making the biggest fights in the division possible (though more credit should be given to Wilder and Fury for actually getting to fight last December).

After the fight, Shelly Finkel, Wilder’s co-manager, said he would be meeting with DAZN soon to see what can be done about a potential heavyweight matchup between Joshua and Wilder and hopes to lock in Wilder’s next fight by next week. If what Finkel says is true, then don’t expect Joshua vs. Wilder to happen this year as it will be nearly impossible for Joshua and his team to fully focus and agree to a deal to fight Wilder this year when Joshua is fighting Andy Ruiz Jr. on June 1.

As it stands, Wilder’s next two fights look like this: a rematch against Luis Ortiz later this year and then a fight against Adam Kownacki in early 2020/spring 2020. At this point, Joshua vs. Wilder wouldn’t happen until summer 2020/second half of 2020 at the earliest. In regards to Wilder vs. Fury 2, Fury appears deadset on fighting a couple of times before even thinking about a rematch against Wilder, so that’s not happening until 2020 if it happens at all.

The one issue in this mess of a heavyweight triumvirate is that each of them are committed to fight on their own respective network (Wilder on Showtime, Fury on ESPN and Joshua on DAZN). Unless we see any of those fighters budge and go to his competitors’ network, we’re going to remain in this stalemate that has been running for the last couple of years. Just because time passes and there is growing demand for those fights doesn’t mean that they will happen anytime soon.

Joshua fighting on a streaming service that many tuning are already aware of the top story in the division and Fury fighting relatively unknown fighters like Tom Schwarz isn’t going to help matters. It’s not a question of when these heavyweights will face each other, it’s if they will ever fight each other. There have only been a select moments in history when two opposing promoters/networks give boxing the biggest bouts in the sport, but there are also far too many times when behind-the-scenes politics and clashing egos prevented the sport’s top stars from facing each other.

We’ll be having this discussion six months down the road and the only thing to hope by then is to have a little clarity and an idea of what 2020 can bring in the heavyweight division.

May 18 Showtime Championship Boxing results from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York:

  • Deontay Wilder defeats Dominic Breazeale by KO, round 1, 2:17 to retain the WBC heavyweight title
  • Gary Russell Jr. defeated Kiko Martinez by TKO, round 5, 2:52 to retain the WBC featherweight title
  • Juan Heraldez and Argenis Mendez fight to a majority draw (97-93 Mendez, 95-95, 95-95)

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