A Look At Bellew vs. Haye 2

The match between David Haye and Tony Bellew is probably going to be one of the biggest boxing events of the year and is definitely going to be one of the most interesting. This is because the fight is actually a rematch of the two boxing titans. The first fight which took place on 4th March 2017 at The O2 Arena, in London, was quite the spectacle from start to finish and it culminated with Tony Bellew winning in a gritty and tough duel.

Their rematch promises to be of the same quality and then some. Expectations will quite rightly be pretty high, especially as it became obvious after the first fight that David Haye actually lost because he suffered an Achilles injury in the early stages of the match. The British fighter is a very proud sports person so he was quick to deny that that was the reason for his loss and actually preferred to laud his opponent, the Scouse fighter Tony Bellew, for his bravery. Fortunately if you're looking to bet, it's not as tough, as there's a helpful site available.

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This was an incredible admission, especially when you consider that both fighters had quite a lot to say to each other, mostly negative things, in the build up to the first match. This war of words resulted with physical contact between the two of them, and all of this happened before the fight had even started.

This fiery exchange of words and punches ahead of the first fight and the subsequent admissions of admiration for each other set the rematch in quite different settings than the original match. However, this doesn’t mean that the second match, which is scheduled to take place on 5th May 2018, is going to be inferior to the initial duel between the fighters.

The fact of the matter is that both Haye and Bellew take this fight very seriously and this is evident by their preparations going into the match. For example, the rematch was scheduled to take place earlier than 5th May, but because Haye was nursing a biceps injury, it was rescheduled for the beginning of May. This was a clear enough sign that Haye wants to be in the best shape possible coming into the match, which is also evident by the fact that he is working with a new coach ,Ismael Salas, who he believes will prepare him even better for the fight against his countryman.

As for Tony Bellew, he believes that David Haye keeping silent this time around is not a sign of respect, but a sign that his publicist is aware that his client is doing more damage than good when he speaks out. This claim is sure to get things heated up once again, especially when you consider Bellew’s statement that Haye’s ‘muzzle’ will come off once he sees him as apparently he cannot stand the sight of Bellew.

Haye’s intense preparation for the fight and Bellew’s derogatory words are a clear indicator that the day of the fight is very coming near and on 5th May we will probably witness quite a fight.

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