Adrien Broner vs. Mikey Garcia Results: Garcia Gets Big Main Event Win

Welcome to Fightful's live coverage of Adrien Broner vs. Mikey Garcia coming to you live from Showtime's New York boxing home in the Barclays Center in Brookyn, New York. We'll be bringing you live results, recaps of the entire card, as well as round-by-round coverage of the televised card.

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Here's the main televised card (Showtime 9 p.m. ET):

  • Mikey Garcia defeats Adrien Broner via unanimous decision to win WBC diamond belt (117-111, 116-112, 116-112)
  • Jermall Charlo defeats Jorge Sebastian Heiland via TKO, Round 4, 2:13, in a WBC middleweight title eliminator

Showtime-televised undercard (Showtime Facebook and YouTube 7:15 p.m. ET):

  • Jarrell "Big Baby" Miller defeats Gerald Washington via TKO, Round 8, 3:00
  • Katie Taylor defeats Jasmine Clarkson, TKO, Round 3, 3:00

Untelevised undercard:

  • Rau'shee Warren defeats McJoe Arroyo via UD (118-110, 117-111, 117-111) to win IBF junior bantamweight title eliminator
  • Kenny Robles vs. Dan Murray defeats Kenny Robles via majority decision (38-38, 39-27, 39-37)
  • Noel Murphy defeats Julio Cesar Sanchez via unanimous decision (80-72, 79-73, 78-74)
  • Desmond Jarmon defeats Darnell Pettis via unanimous decision (40-35, 40-35, 40-35)



Katie Taylor defeats Jasmine Clarkson, TKO, Round 3, 3:00: This was Taylor's first fight in the United States and she brought a decent Irish fanbase for this fight. It opened the Showtime undercard internet stream, which gives her some much-needed exposure. Taylor looked really sharp and was hitting Clarkson hard in the corner. It's hard to tell if Taylor was that good tonight or simply she was given an opponent in Clarkson who was overmatched. Clarkson had a 4-8 record heading into the fight and right from the getgo, it did not look like it would be a long fight. Clarkson had close to zero offense in the fight (nine punches landed in the three rounds) and once the third round ended, referee Charles Fitch called the fight, giving Taylor the win.

Jarrell "Big Baby" Miller defeats Gerald Washington via TKO, Round 8, 3:00: This was a battle of two behemoth heavyweight boxers, with Miller almost tipping the scales at 300 pounds at the weigh-ins. Miller's power was there from the beginning, landing a lot of clean punches upstairs throughout the entire fight. Washington had his moments, but never got into a groove and did not land a lot of his punches very cleanly. The seventh and eighth rounds had Miller do a lot of damage to Washington and Miller couldn't answer back. After eight rounds, referee Gary Rosato and Washington's corner put a stop to the fight.



Jermall Charlo vs. Jorge Sebastian Heiland: WBC middleweight eliminator

Round 1: Charlo connects with the jab and a hard right hand. Heiland misses his first few hooks and then eats a quick left hook. Charlo lands another jab. The two fighters get tangled up in the middle of the ring. Chrlo connects on two straight hard right hands. Heiland misses wildly with the left hand. Charlo connects with yet another right jab to Charlo’s jaw.

Fightful scored round 1 for Charlo 10-9

Round 2: Both men try to establish the jab early on while Heiland is trying use his footwork to put pressure on Charlo, Charlo connects on a swift -12 uppercut combo. Heiland slipped chasing Charlo and it’s ruled a knockdown. After the knockdown, Charlo goes to work on Heiland, hurting Heiland with short, stiff uppercuts. Heiland’s face is looking very red at the end of the round and got hurt with seconds remaining.

Fightful scored round 2 for Charlo 10-8

Round 3: Heiland’s left knee is getting checked as soon as the round starts. That knee may have been messed up on the slip from the last round. Charlo continues to go to work on Heiland, only this time, we’re seeing more body punches by Charlo. Heiland is still moving relatively well. Both boxers get tangled up and Heiland gets hurt again.

Fightful scored round for Charlo 10-9

Round 4: Charlo continues to chip away at Heiland with lots of quick jabs. Both men clinch again and then Heiland eats a hard right followed by a left hand. Charlo is still landing many shots, but Heiland is still moving forward in the fight. Heiland hets hurt with a hard left and Heiland goes down. Heiland tries to get back up, but then is extremely wobbly and has no balance. The referee ends the fight right there.

Official result: Jermall Charlo defeats Jorge Sebastian Heiland via KO, Round 4, 2:13, in a WBC middleweight title eliminator

Adrien Broner vs. Mikey Garcia: junior welterweight bout (special WBC Diamond title bout)

Round 1: Broner throws a couple of fast punches but misses. Garcia in the center of the ring is waiting patiently. Broner barely connected on a swift left hook. Neither man is barely throwing a punch as the crowd is booing at the lack of offense. Broner tries to attack the body. Garcia tries to land a few left hooks but Broner dodges them. Broner is moving around in the ring nicely, but Garcia traps him and lands a nice 1-2 combo to the body. Broner is the only one to throw a punch in the last 10 seconds of the round.

Fightful scored round 1 for Broner 10-9

Round 2: Broner throws a couple of left jabs upstairs but misses. Both men connect on a short jab at the same time. Broner lunges forward for a body jab, but doesn’t land it. Garcia is now trying to get some offense, barely connecting on a two right hooks. Broner misses with the left hook. Garcia throws a jab and momentarily has Broner in the corner. Garcia lands a couple of body shots. Garcia lands a body shot, but it doesn’t fully connect. Garcia ends the round by throwing a good left hand upstairs.

Fightful scored round 2 for Garcia 10-9

Round 3: Broner lands a couple of jabs, but doesn’t do much damage. Garcia lands a nice four-punch combo and Broner is spending a good amount of time near the ropes and corner. Both men get tangled and then Garcia starts to hurt Broner as Broner misses wildly with a left hook. Garcia has the momentum. Garcia landing a ton of body shots while Broner remains on the defensive. Broner connects a short right uppercut.

Fightful scored round 3 for Garcia 10-9

Round 4: Neither man does much for most of the first minute of the round. Garcia lands a solid left hand. Broner is throwing weak left jabs at this point. Broner connects with a quick right jab. Garcia lands a couple of body shots while Broner is dancing around in the ring. Garcia lands a good right uppercut to Broner as Garcia ends the round exchanging blows with Broner.

Fightful scored round 4 for Garcia 10-9

Round 5: Broner is measuring with his left hand. Broner throws a right jab that doesn’t connect. Garcia goes to work using the left hand. Broner’s throwing a lot of left jabs that don’t land. Garcia eats a short jab. Broner is blocking Garcia’s numerous punches heading to Broner’s head. Garcia throws a lot of hooks and hurts Broner.

Fightful scored round 5 for Garcia 10-9

Round 6: Both men throw some jabs upstairs, but not much happens in the first minute or so. Garcia connects on two soft jabs. Broner is still moving around the ring, with Garcia trying to give chase. Garcia is still trying to land clean shots but barely connects as Broner has been defending decently, but not much else. Garcia lands a left body shot near the end of the round.

Fightful scored round 6 to Garcia 10-9

Round 7: Broner lands a two-punch combo to open the round. Broner and Garcia don’t try to connect much on their punches, but Broner has been trying to get into a rhythm. Broner does land a quick left jab. Garcia lands a left hook to Broner’s jaw. Garcia is back to attack mode, throwing a ton of 1-2 combos. Garcia ends the round with a solid combo that almost stuns Broner.

Fightful scored round 7 for Garcia 10-9

Round 8: Garcia taunting Broner and hurts him, while the crowd goes while. Garcia lands a couple of hard punches, but Broner’s defense is hanging in there. The rest of the round is more of the same in the last few rounds with Garcia trying to land a lot of punches while Broner is mostly sitting in at the defensive.

Fightful scored round 8 for Garcia 10-9

Round 9: Broner lunges forward, but misses on the jab. Broner throws a 1-2. Broner dodges a Garcia jab while Broner is still moving across the ring. Garcia lands another hard left and is back to throwing his usual number of punches for the round. Broner connects on a short left jab. Garcia tries to respond with some left hooks, but Broner guards well. Broner gets his first serious offense, landing several hard body shots.

Fightful scored round 9 for Broner 10-9

Round 10: Crowd is now fully behind Broner in this fight, but Garcia is back to landing clean body shots and captured any momentum lost in the last round. Broner lands a clean left hook to Broner’s jaw. Broner guards well against Garcia’s jabs. Both men get tangled up and the round ends with Broner landing lots of good shots to the body.

Fightful scored round 10 for Garcia 10-9

Round 11: Both men land quick jabs to each other. Broner is now missing several of his punches. Garcia is back landing more of his left body hook. Garcia throws numerous jabs at Broner but Broner is just defending at this point. The round ends with both men connecting on their jabs.

Fightful scored round 11 for Garcia 10-9

Round 12: Garcia lands a quick jab. Broner is back defending while Garcia is throwing dozens of punches. Broner lands a body shot and then a few more shots upstairs. Garcia misses with an uppercut. Broner lands another hard shot. Both men exchange shots until the end of the fight.

Fightful scored round 12 for Broner 10-9, making it 117-111 for Garcia.

Official result: Mikey Garcia defeats Adrien Broner via unanimous decision to win WBC diamond belt (117-111, 116-112, 116-112)

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