Bellator 173 Results: Liam McGeary/Brett McDermott Headline & UFC Veteran Colin Fletcher Debuts

James Gallagher vs. Kirill Medvedovsky

Round One: The round begins with Gallagher swinging away at Medvedovsky, Gallagher also attacks Medvedovsky with leg kicks. Medvedovsky starts nailing Gallagher with some leg kicks of his own, Gallagher cracks Medvedovsky with a multiple punch combination. Gallagher backs up Medvedovsky with a flying knee strike before scoring a takedown, Gallagher transitions to the full mount on Medvedovsky. Gallagher advances to the back control position on Medvedovsky, Gallagher attacks Medvedovsky with a lot of ground and pound. Gallagher locks in the rear naked choke and a tap out follows.

Official Result: James Gallagher def. Kirill Medvedovsky by submission via rear naked choke (2:53, R1)

Liam McGeary vs. Brett McDermott

Round One: The round begins with McGeary jabbing away at McDermott, McDermott drops McGeary with a straight left. McGeary scrambles to his feet before attacking McDermott with a combination, McDermott starts nailing McGeary with leg kicks. McGeary nails McDermott with a knee strike followed by a right, McGeary rocks a swinging McDermott with a left hook. McGeary rocks McDermott a second time with a head kick, McDermott scores a takedown on McGeary and he immediately postures up. McDermott kicks away at the legs of a downed McGeary, McGeary scrambles to his feet and he drops McDermott with a knee strike to the face. McGeary pounces on a downed McDermott with a bunch of strikes before rolling for an arm bar, McDermott scrambles to get top position on McGeary. McDermott attacks McGeary with some ground and pound as the round ends.

Fightful scores the round 10-9 for McGeary

Round Two: The round begins with McGeary jabbing away at McDermott, McDermott starts attacking McGeary with some leg kicks. The referee halts the fight so the doctor can check a cut over the eye of McDermott, the doctor stops the fight.

Official Result: Liam McGeary def. Brett McDermott by TKO via doctor stoppage (1:06, R2)

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