Invicta Fighting Championships 24 Results: UFC Veteran Milana Dudieva Headlines

Karina Rodriguez vs. Barbara Acioly

Round One: The round begins with Rodriguez attacking Acioly with leg kicks, Rodriguez pops a kicking Acioly with a counter right. Rodriguez drops Acioly with a combination followed by a straight right and she pounces on her with more strikes, Rodriguez advances to the half guard while nailing Acioly with more strikes. Rodriguez attacks Acioly with some extra hammer fists and the referee jumps in.

Official Result: Karina Rodriguez def. Barbara Acioly by TKO via strikes (2:14, R1)

Pam Sorenson vs. Helena Kolesnyk

Round One: The round begins with the fighters taking a few swings with little connecting, Sorenson scores a takedown on Kolesnyk and she gets the side control position. Sorenson attacks a downed Kolesnyk with knee strikes to the midsection, Sorenson transitions to the full mount against Kolesnyk. Sorenson starts attacking Kolesnyk with ground and pound, Sorenson rolls for the arm bar and the tap out follows.

Official Result: Pam Sorenson def. Helena Kolesnyk by submission via arm bar (3:12, R1)

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