Island Fights 46 Results: Roy Jones Jr. Ends Boxing Career With A Title Win

Welcome to Fightful's live coverage of Roy Jones Jr.'s final fight on Island Fights 46 from Pensacola, Florida. It is the end of a legendary career that saw him become the only man in history to win a boxing middleweight world title and then win a world heavyweight title. We'll provide you with quick results of the undercard, a mix between MMA and boxing fights, and full play-by-play coverage of Jones' fight. 

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Below is the main card (UFC FIght Pass, 8:30 p.m. ET):

  • Roy Jones Jr. defeated Scott Sigmon by unanimous decision (98-92, 98-92, 98-92) to win the Vacant World Boxing Union Cruiserweight Title
  • Max Mustaki defeated Socrates Pierre by TKO, Round 1, 4:18: MMA Bout
  • Devin Cushing defeated Tommy Bryant by unanimous decision (60-54, 60-54, 60-54): Boxing Bout
  • Michael Davis defeated Montreal James by TKO, Round 1 (2:22): MMA Bout
  • Ikram Kerwat defeated Angel Gladney by unanimous decision (80-71, 80-71, 80-71) to win the WBU Female Lightweight Title


Roy Jones Jr. vs. Scott Sigmon: Vacant World Boxing Union (German Version) Cruiserweight Title Bout

Round 1: The fight begins with Sigmon throwing a couple of body jabs. Sigmon goes to the body with a couple if body hooks close. Both men clinch and Jones laughs. The two men continue to clinch for an absurd amount of time. Jones attacks Sigmon with hooks upstairs and the round, ends with Sigmon attacking the body.

Fightful scored round 1 for Jones 10-9

Round 2: Sigmon continues to clinch with Jones. Sigmon's mouthpiece comes out of his mouth. Both men clinch once more in the corner. Jones clinches and then laughs again. It's obvious he's not taking this fight seriously. Jones then lands a left hook followed by several more that hit the mark. 

Fightful scored round 2 for Jones 10-9

Round 3: Both men clinch and then Sigmon throws about a dozen body shots that seemed to have no effect. Jones lands seven straight jabs and Sigmon clinches. While in the clinch, Sigmon throws a few more body shots. Sigmon lands an uppercut and then a few right hooks upstairs. Jones lands a stiff left hook that stunned Sigmon at the end of the round.

Fightful scored round 3 for Jones 10-9

Round 4: Sigmon lands a counter left jab to start the round. The two boxers clinch on the ropes again. Jones lands a few, short hooks and seems to get on a roll until the clinch once more and Jones keeps laughing. Jones lands a combination to Sigmon's body. The two spend the rest of the round clinching

Fightful scored round 4 for Jones 10-9

Round 5: The two men clinch (yet again), as Sigmon's mouthpiece falls off again. The fight progresses with Jones landing one combination, followed by more clinching.

Fightful scored round 5 for Jones 10-9

Round 6: Jones lands an uppercut combination and the two clinch once more. Sigmon eats a stiff jab and winding uppercut. Sigmon puts Jones in a corner and then goes to work on Jones' body with numerous hooks. 

Fightful scored round 6 for Jones 10-9

Round 7: The boxers clinch and Jones is the one throwing punches in the clinch. Jones connects with a left body hook. The two exchange numerous hooks to the chin and Jones gets rocked by a right hook until the the two clinch again and Jones continues to smile and laugh. Jones catches fire and gets a few good jabs land on Sigmon's chin.

Fightful scored round 7 for Jones 10-9

Round 8: Sigmon clinches to start the round and Jones connects with a few more hooks. Jones misses three straight half-assed punches. Jones then lands a right hand to Sigmon's body. Sigmon tries to chase Jones as Jones is literally making the minimum effort to throw a punch. Sigmon continues to chase Jones. Round  ends with Jones barely throwing punches.

Fightful scored round 8 for Jones 10-9

Round 9: Jones goes to the corner and lets Sigmon come to him and attack Jones' body. The two go to work on each other's bodies for the better part of the first 90 seconds of the round. Jones barely misses with the uppercut. Sigmon lands a combination upstairs and Jones is in trouble for a brief moment. Jones connects with two strong uppercuts to Sigmon's head.

Fightful scored round 9 for Jones 10-9

Round 10: Jones goes to the ropes as Sigmon goes to work on Jones' body. Jones takes the fight seriously for once and unleashes a flurry of punches to Sigmon. Both Sigmon and Jones attack the body again. Jones throws another flurry of punches and Jones eats a strong left hook. The last 10 seconds of the fight end with Jones throwing another flurry of punches.

Fightful scored round 10 for Jones 10-9, making it 100-90 for Jones

Official Result: Roy Jones Jr. defeated Scott Sigmon by unanimous decision (98-92, 98-92, 98-92) to win the Vacant Global Boxing Union Cruiserweight Title

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