UFC Fight Night Brooklyn Results: Champion vs. Champion Main Event, Plus Greg Hardy Makes His UFC Debut

Greg Hardy vs. Allen Crowder

Round One: The round begins with Hardy instantly attacking Crowder with a huge punching combination, Hardy gets Crowder against the cage wall while swinging away at him. Crowder spins Hardy and gets him against the cage wall, the fighters separate and Hardy attacks Crowder with some leg kicks. Crowder scores a takedown on hardy and he gets the open guard, Hardy tries getting up and Crowder drags him back to the ground. Crowder gains side control against Hardy, Crowder gets Hardy in the crucifix position while landing strikes. Hardy scrambles to his feet and Crowder controls his head, Crowder goes for a guillotine choke and Hardy escapes to get top position on the ground. Hardy attacks Crowder with some ground and pound, Crowder gets up and Hardy lands a right as the round ends.

Fightful scores the round 10-9 for Crowder

Round Two: The round begins with the fighters taking a few swings at each other, Hardy attempts a front kick against Crowder. Hardy attacks Crowder with a superman punch, Hardy charges forward and he attacks Crowder with a punching combination. Crowder looks for the counter strike against a swinging Hardy, Crowder charges at Hardy while attacking him with a combination. Crowder hunts for the takedown and Hardy stuffs it, Hardy nails Crowder with an illegal knee strike and the fight is halted. The fight is waved off as Crowder is unable to continue.

Official Result: Allen Crowder def. Greg Hardy by DQ via illegal knee strike (2:28, R2)

UFC Flyweight Championship
Henry Cejudo (c) vs. TJ Dillashaw (UFC Bantamweight Champion)

Round One: The round begins with Cejudo kicking Dillashaw in the midsection, Cejudo attempts a head kick after the fighters exchange leg kicks. Cejudo drops Dillashaw with a right and he pounces on him with a plethora of strikes until the referee jumps in.

Official Result: Henry Cejudo def. TJ Dillashaw by TKO via strikes (0:32, R1) to retain the title

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