Manny Pacquiao Vs. Jessie Vargas Results: Four World Title Fights And Pacquiao's Impressive Return To The Ring Highlight Pay-Per-View

Welcome to's live viewing party of Manny Pacquiao vs. Jessie Vargas. We'll be bringing you recaps and full, round-by-round coverage of the main event fights which will be broadcasted on pay-per-view and online at

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Here's the main fight card:

Manny Pacquiao defeated Jessie Vargas via unanimous decision (114-113, 118-109, 118-109) to become the new WBO Welterweight Champion

Oscar Valdez defeated Hiroshige Osawa via TKO, Round 7, 1:50, to retain his WBO Featherweight Championship

Jessie Magdaleno defeated Nonito Donaire via unanimous decision (116-112, 116-112, 118-110) to become the new WBO Junior Featherweight Champion

Zou Shiming defeated Prasitsak Papoem via unanimous decision (120-107, 120-107, 119-108) to become the WBO Flyweight Champion



Zou Shiming vs. Prasitsak Papoem: Vacant WBO Flyweight Championship match

Round 1: Shiming dominates a very clean first round with a variety of 4, 5 punch combinations. Papoem didn't even throw a punch in the first half of the round. First round easily goes to Shiming.

Fightful scores Round 1 for Shiming 10-9

Round 2: Papoem now starts to only throw one punch at a time, but Shiming is still throwing flurries every time he goes on the offensive. Papoem starts to move around the middle more, forcing Shiming to move around the outside part of the ring. Shiming knocks down Papoem with a right hook right on the button as he was moving forward. Papoem started throwing more punches, but Shiming ended the round the aggressor.

Fightful scores Round 2 for Shiming 10-8

Round 3: The two men start to throw more haymakers in their exchanges as Papoem's left eye starts to swell a little bit. Papoem, at times, throws a straight punch, but Shiming does a good job at ducking and weaving Papoem's offense.

Fightful scores Round 3 for Shiming 10-9

Round 4: Papoem is starting to get into a rhythm, forcing Shiming into the ropes, not from Papoem moving, but from Papoem throwing better punches more often. Second half of the round, we see more smart boxing from Shiming, dodging Papoem's punches and tiring him out without trying to throw unnecessary punches.

Fightful scores Round 4 for Shiming 10-9

Round 5: Papoem starts to punch more towards Shiming's body. Shiming starts connecting on his hooks much better on this round. Round ends with two flurries from Shiming.

Fightful scores Round 5 for Shiming 10-9

Round 6: Shiming is now starting to move around even more and isn't throwing as many punches as he has earlier in the round. Shiming does manage to connect on a massive right hook and the two have a no-punch standoff for about 15 seconds. Shiming ends the round with four straight big punches.

Fightful scores Round 6 for Shiming 10-9

Round 7: Shiming keeps dodging while he throws quick 4-punch combinations every time he goes into a corner. Shiming right now is looking like he isn't even taking the fight seriously, staying very relaxed and composed. After the round, trainer Freddie Roach is worried about Shiming giving his opponent too much momentum and I agree with him.

Fightful scores Round 7 for Shiming 10-9

Round 8: Shiming starts to take the fight more seriously as he targets Papoem's left eye, which is now bleeding. Papoem's punches aren't doing much damage an Shiming keeps throwing hooks to Papoem's left eye, forcing him to the ropes. Papoem throws a big hook to Shiming, but Papoem slips and goes down but no knockdown. Complete domination by Shiming.

Fightful scores Round 8 for Shiming 10-9

Round 9: Papoem is starting to connect more on his head shots, but Shiming shakes them off easily and taunts Papoem by dancing very briefly. Shiming's hands are down throughout the round. About 30 seconds remaining, Shiming starts Ali shuffling and Papoem is starting to get frustrated and pushes Shiming down as the round ends.

Fightful scores Round 9 for Shiming 10-9

Round 10: Papoem is starting to throw more body shots and is desperate, leaning more and more closer to Shiming, but Shiming keeps strafing away from danger. Papoem is now exhausted and is trying to even throw any punch that will connect. Shiming starts to throw punches to end the round.

Fightful scores Round 10 for Shiming 10-9

Round 11: Shiming once again keeps staying on the defensive in the first two minutes of the round as Papoem keeps trying to find any opening. Shiming then unleashes several hard head shots in te final minute of the round.

Fightful scores Round 11 for Shiming 10-9

Round 12: Shiming starts to throw more punches towards Papoem's body and Papoem now resorts to go for a low blow. After the pause from the low blow, Shiming just starts unloading on massive hammer punches in frustration. Papoem asking to get hit more and the two now start trading punches. The fight ends with Shiming dancing around the ring and throwing a flurry of punches as a statement.

Fightful scores Round 12 for Shiming 10-9, making it 120-107 for Shiming

Official Result: Zou Shiming defeated Prasitsak Papoem (120-107, 120-107, 119-108) via unanimous decision to become the WBO Flyweight Champion

This fight was nothing more but complete annihilation by Shiming. Shiming's gameplan was solid. He dominated the early rounds, and then later on, box defensively until he throw a ton of flurries to end each round. Shiming's an entertaining fighter, but still needs to work on his power a bit more. His speed is incredible.

The pay-per-view is plagued with audio issues, cutting in and out at times. I'm watching the fight card on an iPad, so I'm not sure if it is an online streaming issue or an overall pay-per-view issue. The broadcasters (Brian Kenny, Timothy Bradley and Stephen A. Smith) are having a lot of fun calling the fight and aren't as rigid as HBO's broadcast team (though I do love them too).

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