Sergey Kovalev vs. Andre Ward Results: Ward Becomes New Champion After Strong Comeback

Welcome to's live viewing party of Sergey Kovalev vs. Andre Ward for the unified WBA, IBF and WBO light heavyweight world championship. We'll be bringing you recaps and full, round-by-round coverage of the main event fight which will be broadcasted on HBO pay-per-view.

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Here's the main fight card:

Andre Ward defeated Sergey Kovalev via unanimous decision (114-113, 114-113, 114-113) to become the unified WBA, WBO, IBF light heavyweight titles.

Darleys Perez and Maurice Hooker tie (97-93, 93-97, 95-95)

Oleksandr Gvozdyk defeated Isaac Chilemba via referee technical decision after 8 rounds

Curtis Stevens defeated James de la Rosa via unanimous decision (96-92, 96-92, 98-90)



Curtis Stevens vs. James de la Rosa: Stevens begins the fight crushing de la Rosa and putting pressure on him throughout the first round of the fight. Stevens knocks his opponent down with seconds remaining in the first round. De la Rosa gets cut in the following round, but he did battle back and won a few rounds to even the fight. Halfway through the fight, Stevens said that he hurt his let hand and de la Rosa now begins to pounce on him.

Stevens' injury is affecting his performance tonight. His punches are not doing much damage and de la Rosa is utilizing the jab to win rounds. Stevens is trying to use the hook to put some pressure and damage, but de la Rosa brushes him off and is constantly moving around the ring. Stevens eventually hits a low blow in the 8th round of the fight. The last three rounds were much more even, with Stevens gaining a lot of momentum and de la Rosa did not hit any strong punches towards the end.

Official result: Curtis Stevens defeated James de la Rosa via unanimous decision (96-92, 96-92, 98-90)

Oleksandr Gvozdyk vs. Isaac Chilemba: The fight begins with little fanfare as there was not a lot of activity in the early going. Gvozdyk is throwing a little more punches in the first few rounds, but there isn't anything exciting going on until almost halfway through the fight. Chilemba eventually starts punching at Gvozdyk's body. Gvodzyk is now counter punching starting from the start of the sixth round. Chilemba is trying to use the jab to set up some a few combos, but they don't a whole lot to convincingly win rounds late in the fight. Chilemba complains after the eighth round about some sort of injury and asks the referee to stop the fight and it is stopped. Turns out that Chilemba suffered a broken right hand.

Official result: Oleksandr Gvozdyk defeated Isaac Chilemba via referee technical decision after 8 rounds

Maurice Hooker vs. Darleys Perez: Already in the first two rounds we have probably have more activity than most of the previous fight. Perez spends the vast majority of the first portion of the fight in the center of the ring while Hooker dances his way around the ropes. In the third round, Hooker starts to fight back seriously and the two begin to exchange various hooks and combos, easily making this fight far more exciting than the Gvozdyk and Chilemba fight.

Outside of that exchange in the third round, Hooker has not really shown much in this fight after four rounds and he has been getting beat in all aspects of boxing against Perez. Hooker finally starts to fight back a lot more consistently in the second half of the fight, leading with either a left hook or jab, but now is visibly frustrated. Hooker had a fit during a tie-up in the 6th round, landing an overhand rabbit punch and shoving Perez in the face and getting a stern warning from the referee. Perez remains steady and collected, still leading comfortably in this fight although Hooker probably won a couple of rounds in the second half of the fight.

Official Result: Darleys Perez and Maurice Hooker tie (97-93, 93-97, 95-95)

That was a horrendous result. Perez clearly won at least 7 of the 10 rounds, no doubt about it. Everyone had Hooker lose by a WIDE margin, but the two people that did not think so just happens to be the judges.

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