UFC Fight Night: Smith vs. Teixeira Results: Glover Teixeira vs. Anthony Smith Headlines

#15 Sijara Eubanks vs. Sarah Moras

Round One: Eubanks throws a leg kick, then uncorks a hook followed by a head kick. She's landing hard. Moras got clipped pretty well, but is still firing off on her own. She's leading with leg kicks and finding a home for them before going for a jab. Sijara is throwing heavy, going from jab, straight to high kick as Moras remains in the pocket. Moras closes the round with a couple of good punches and a leg kick.

Fightful scores the round 10-9 for Eubanks

Round Two: Eubanks punches are pushing Moras back, but Moras doesn't seem to care. She pushes forward with a couple of heavy punches and works into the clinch. Eubanks takes down Moras, but the latter is very active off her back. Eubanks moves to a half guard and throws some heavy punches. Moras is still throwing from the bottom, but it's certainly not enough to rack up points or damage. Another clear round for Eubanks

Fightful scores the round 10-9 for Eubanks

Round Three: Round three is a lot less active in the early minutes than the previous rounds. About three minutes in, Eubanks lands some slower, but heavy punches. She grabs the heel of Moras and forces her down to the ground. Moras works really well off her back and switches her hips to set up an armbar. Eubanks tells her corner she's fine as she works her way out of it and into side control. Eubanks throws ground and pound to end the fight. The two have words after the fight.

Fightful scores the round 10-9 for Eubanks, giving her the 30-27 advantage.

Official decision: #15 Sijara Eubanks defeated Sarah Moras via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26)

Michael Johnson vs. Thiago Moises

Round One: A lot of feeling each other out in the opening minutes. Moises throws a couple of head kicks and Johnson stuffs a couple of takedown attempts. Johnson presses the action and works Moises against the cage. Johnson picks his spots as Moises tries to circle out. Johnson is truly dominant in this round, Moises hasn't really landed much of anything in the entire round until about 15 seconds left.

Fightful scores the round 10-9 for Johnson

Round Two: Moises immediately shoots and drags down Johnson. He applies a beautiful straight ankle lock and goes face down. Moises gets the submission but the referee doesn't see it until late.

Official result: Thiago Moises defeated Michael Johnson via submission (straight ankle lock) round 2, 0:25

Andrei Arlovski vs. Philipe Lins

Round One: Lins opens up with some strikes to the body, as Daniel Cormier references his PFL tournament win. He's letting strikes rip, and counters Arlovski well. Lins throws a body kick. Arlovski cracks Lins with a spinning back fist with about a minute left in the round. Arlovski is more mobile, but Lins is more active, and throwing to end the fight.

Fightful scores the round 10-9 for Lins

Round Two: Arlovski presses forward with a 1-2, then a leg kick. Lins finally fires off. Lins' output is definitely not what it was in the first round. A few minutes in, Lins boots Arlovski right in the ballsack, which isn't good. The ref gives Arloski some time. He recovers, but this fight has slowed down considerably. Lins closes the round with a couple of punches.

Fightful scores the round 10-9 for Arlovski

Round Three: Arlovksi is much more active in the opening minutes of round three. Lins has slowed down even more than the decreased output we saw in round two. A clinch is broken and Arlovski lands on the way out. Arlovski is having his best round as he keeps his distance and fights pretty much the way Arlovski has the last several years.

Fightful scores the round 10-9 for Arlovski, giving him the 29-28 win

Official decision: Andrei Arlovski defeated Philipe Lins via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

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