UFC On Fox 26 Results: Rafael Dos Anjos vs. Robbie Lawler Headlines, A Massive Upset & 4 Top Ranked Light Heavyweights Collide

Nordine Taleb vs. Danny Roberts

Round One: The round begins with Taleb attacking Roberts with some leg kicks, Roberts backs up Taleb with a head kick attempt. Taleb responds by landing a kick to the midsection of Roberts, Taleb destroys Roberts with a head kick followed by a few punches and the referee jumps in.

Official Result: Nordine Taleb def. Danny Roberts by KO via head kick (0:59, R1)

Chad Laprise vs. Galore Bofando

Round One: The round begins with Bofando attempting a high kick against Laprise, Bofando drops Laprise with a three punch combination. Bofando pounces on Laprise with a plethora of strikes before letting him stand up, Laprise scores a takedown on Bofando and he gets side control. Laprise starts attacking a downed Bofando with a few elbow strikes, Laprise transitions to the full mount against Bofando. Laprise attacks Bofando with ground and pound until the referee jumps in.

Official Result: Chad Laprise def. Galore Bofando by TKO via strikes (4:10, R1)

Julian Marquez vs. Darren Stewart

Round One: The round begins with Stewart attacking Marquez with some leg kicks, Marquez goes for a takedown and he gets Stewart against the cage wall. Stewart nails Marquez with a lot of strikes as the fighters clinch, Stewart scores a takedown on Marquez and Marquez gets right back up. Stewart looks for another takedown and Marquez nails him with an elbow strike, Marquez defends the takedown by nailing Stewart with a ton of strikes. Stewart gets Marquez back against the cage wall while landing a punching combination, Stewart scores another takedown on Marquez and he gets back control. Marquez gets up and Stewart remains on his back for a short time, Stewart then pops Marquez with a straight right before eating a knee strike. Marquez drags Stewart to the ground while going for a kimura as the round ends.

Fightful scores the round 10-9 for Stewart

Round Two: The round begins with Marquez swinging away at Stewart, Marquez then clobbers Stewart with a series of knee strikes and elbow strikes. Stewart recovers to crack Marquez with a few strikes of his own, the fighters have a wild striking exchange near the cage wall. Marquez grabs Stewart and he briefly holds him against the cage wall, Stewart goes for the takedown and Marquez catches him in a front choke for the tap out.

Official Result: Julian Marquez def. Darren Stewart by submission via front choke (2:42, R2)

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