Watch/Don't Watch For UFC 244 From Sean Ross Sapp

Hakeem Dawodu beats Julio Arce via Split decision

Hakeem Dawodu is not happy, despite the win. He's won four in a row after losing his late notice UFC debut with the quickness. His only standout performance in that streak was against Horie in July. Leg kicks caused Arce to hobble early, but Arce is eventually able to get a takedown. Arce wasn't able to do anything and Dawodu got on top of him. The fight ends with both throwing hands, but this fight was nowhere near as good as anyone probably thought it should have been going in.

SRS' Rec: No.

Lyman Good finishes Chance Rencountre

Good keeps finding success with his punches, even when being kicked by Rencountre. Commentary was selling that Good was tired early in the first, but it really didn't seem anywhere near as dramatic as they were making it. This whole fight feels like Good just tagging Rencountre over and over and over again. Mercifully in the third round, Good puts Rencountre away after dropping him and following up with ground and pound. The former Bellator champ gets the big win. That's good for UFC prelim cards to come, I guess.

SRS' Rec: Watch the finish, maybe.

#1 Katlyn Chookagian defeated #5 Jennifer Maia via UD

Jennifer Maia says she's not moving up to 135 and will enlist the help of a professional. The story of the first two and a half rounds of this fight is Katlyn utilizing her footwork, technical striking and speed to out-point Maia. It's the story that Chookagian tells in every single one of her fights, and it usually works. In the third, Maia manages to take her down, but nothing happens. Chookagian is probably next in line to face Shevchenko, which isn't gonna hit PPV.

SRS' Rec: Highlights because of the level of talent.

Jairzinho Rozenstruik claps up Andrei Arlovski, KO R1

Jairzinho Rozenstruik immediately goes after Arlovski and finishes him. That's it. Rozenstruik continues to look awesome, and will land in the top 15, as he's won three UFC fights in nine months. On the other side of things, among all of the ranked UFC fighters on tonight's card (17), the unranked Arlovski is the only former UFC champion on the show. He's won only one of his last six, but will keep getting fights. This was his shortest since the Brett Rogers KO loss ten years ago. Rozenstruik's UFC fights have all been finishes, and he has three finishes under one minute over the past year, including one that happened outside UFC.

SRS' Rec: YEP!

#13 Edmen Shahbazyan brutally kicks #11 Brad Tavares IN THE FACE, R1

Well Shahbazyan is singlehandedly reinvigorating Glendale Fighting Club, and their reputation. Tavares has had a long layoff, and eats a filthy right hand, and a head kick. That's it. Edmond wins, and remains undefeated. He looks unbelievable and this was a great place to put him. He needs to be on a main card against a top-10 opponent next time out.

SRS' Rec: Yeah, Shahbazyan is worth watching

#12 Shane Burgos finishes Makwan Amirkhani, R2 TKO

This was a really good performance for Burgos. Amirkhani looked so promising early on in his UFC career, and just hasn't consistently been there since. He had trouble staying active, and now that he is, runs into a problem. Burgos finishes this one in the second round, and he continues to climb the ladder. Burgos has now won three fights in a row, and has won six of his seven UFC fights. He should get a better opponent next time out, though Amirkhani was fitting this time.

SRS' Rec: Watch the highlights

#7 Corey Anderson PWNS #11 Johnny Walker, R1 TKO

Corey Anderson gets inside and CRACKS Johnny Walker. Walker somehow stays in and gets taken down, but it right back up. Anderson finishes it on the feet and the ref stops it. Corey Anderson MOLLYWHOPPED Johnny Walker!! The ref has to drag Corey Anderson away!! There are levels to this, and Johnny Walker isn't there now. Bet anything he headlines an ESPN show next time out, though.


#10 Kevin Lee DESTROYS #11 Gregor Gillespie, R1

This was a giant test for Lee and Gregor. Lee hasn't looked the same since the staph infection, and Gregor has never faced anyone this good. Lee is much more patient and stationary. He's measuring his shots and ends up headkicking Gillespie into next Tuesday. That was an insane KO. Gregor stays out for a disturbing amount of time. Kevin Lee just had his most impressive finish ever. His stance was really low to prevent the takedown, and played it to his advantage.


#5 Derrick Lewis def. #8 Blagoy Ivanov by split decision (30-27, 28-29, 29-28)

I thought Ivanov would come to the UFC and immediately contend among the top 5, and that just hasn't happened. Lewis slugs it out and clips Ivanov early, but can't finish. They're chucking and ducking hard. Both men land shots and takedowns in the first two rounds. Ivanov applies a NASTY top wristlock and even goes no-hands, and plants Lewis' arm Baszler-stomp style briefly. Lewis gets back up and cracks Ivanov. Derrick Lewis has the most confusing cardio in UFC history and is slugging it out as we end the fight. Ivanov had managed a nice throw, too. This fight ruled. "I was trying to hit him in that bootyhole thing he has on his chest" - Derrick Lewis.

SRS' Rec: This was a great heavyweight fight.

#8 Stephen Thompson dominating decisions #14 Vicente Luque

Wonderboy hasn't looked this smooth in a while, and he's popping in and out of range. Luque tags him when he can, though. It pays off. The footwork and technical striking of Wonderboy is there, but the chin and speed on the exit seems reduced. Wonderboy puts Luque on his ass with a body kick, and Luque fires back. We're even getting an awesome Wonderboy fight? This REALLY IS a special night. Wonderboy is getting in and hitting hard. He's putting himself at risk more often and it's paying off. Wonderboy drops Luque in round three and lets him up.

SRS' Rec: Yeah, this is shaping up as one of the best cards I've seen.

#9 (WW) Darren Till split decisions #4 Kelvin Gastelum, split decision

Darren Till is finally moving up to 185, and this is a mixed bag matchup for him. A smaller middleweight -- a former welterweight -- but a good wrestler. This is the "death slot" on this card. Gastelum is getting in clinch range and pummeling through. Till ends up getting poked in the eye, and just wants to fight through it. This is an incredibly boring fight that doesn't see a ton of action. Till manages to edge this one out and win.

SRS' Rec: Not even the highlights

BMF Championship
Jorge Masvidal defeated Nate Diaz via Ref Stoppage.

Masvidal comes after Nate right away, who wants to slug it out in the middle. Masvidal drills Diaz with an elbow and a head kick! Masvidal keeps Diaz on his back while he stands, until the ref stands Diaz up. It's clear upon the grappling exchanges that Masvidal is much stronger in the clinch. He pushes around Diaz at will. Diaz connects with a big right and they're back into the clinch. They meet in the middle after Masvidal resets, and Diaz is able to get another big punch. Diaz got cut bad in the first round. Masvidal body kicks set up a huge right hand by Masvidal that puts Diaz down again. They end up on the ground and Diaz rolls for a leg lock to no avail. Diaz pressures Masvidal early in round three, but counters. Diaz pours it on in the middle of the round, and Masvidal is starting to feel it, but isn't out of gas. The doctor stops the fight due to Diaz's cut, and nobody is happy about this.

SRS: I'm writing yes even before the fight

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