Rose Namajunas eyes flyweight glory


The UFC is cutthroat, its culture built on displays of intimidation and raging violence. Legends are created by those with the skill and physical prowess to back their pre-fight strutting with a high-octane performance in the octagon.

Against this loud background, Rose Namajunas is something of an enigma. Petite, soft-spoken and introverted, she defies the image of a UFC champion. Despite this, her career has been a journey for the annals of the sport. As a fighter, she has dominated throughout her entire career. Her quality is marked by quieter and more powerful traits in a top fighter – those of resilience, determination and an unwavering dedication to her craft.

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Namajunas first made a name for herself as the two-time UFC strawweight champion, and it’s a title she earned with ferocious fighting spirit. Her time in the division delivered some of the most exciting performances in the history of the octagon; Thug Rose revels in bloody brawls and has clocked a number of stunning knockouts, as witnessed in her decimation of legend Joanna Jędrzejczyk, both on her way to and in defense of the belt.

No doubt she’s already earned a place in the UFC hall of fame, but Namajunas has her eyes set on greater heights than a belt alone.

Last year, 2023, brought Namajunas’ announcement that she’d shifted her focus to the flyweight division. Moving up a weight class is tough for any fighter, but Namajunas has expressed relief fighting at a higher weight. Cutting is gruelling for fighters, and at a natural weight, she has said: ‘I feel stronger, I feel faster’, and it seems she’s ready to bring a new round of domination to the ring.

Unfortunately, that new way of fighting can take getting used to. Namajunas went up against Manon Fiorot in her 125-pound debut, a fight that ultimately ended in a fizzle before the judges nodded their heads to Fiorot as the unanimous victor.

Despite doubts by critics, Namajunas remained undeterred heading into her next fight against Amanda Ribas, ranked eighth in the flyweight division. The fight was a hot contest for any fan, especially gamblers. Ribas had just come off a highlight reel knockout, running on a high, but despite her previous loss, Namajunas was still a -210 favorite for the fight, and loyal fans and bettors flocked to the sportsbooks to lay down their trust in Thug Rose.

On the day of the fight, things were looking evenly matched in the ring. Savvy punters followed the game on their phones, and anyone looking to get this flexibility can find a mobile sportsbook on this page. But by the end of the match, it was clear that no matter how hard Ribas came at her, Namajunas stopped her in her tracks with exceptional technique and physicality. This time, the judges tipped their hats her way, and she walked out the ring a unanimous victor by decision.

This win hasn’t yet quietened all the critics – Namajunas, among them, voiced the thoughts of a lot of people’s minds after the fight: she’s slow. Gaining the athleticism to move at a larger bulk is going to take a lot of work, and competing against fighters who are naturally larger is going to take speed as well as sheer technique. No one is arguing against her making a solid stand in this class, but the doubts over her ability to run for champion are running close behind her.

But Namajunas remains steadfast in her pursuit of greatness. Her quality as a fighter comes in heart and determination, and those qualities will persist, no matter what. Fans can only hope the recent lapses in form will disappear as she regains confidence in the ring.

Because regardless of what critics say, Namajunas isn’t dreaming small. Her ultimate goal is to wear the flyweight belt. Only eight previous fighters in UFC history have won titles in two weight classes, and every one of them is listed among the greatest MMA fighters of all time. Undoubtedly, she’s eager to bask in this

glory, but Namajunas remains humble yet resolute. She has talked widely about the value of hard work in achieving success in the MMA world, and it appears that she’s reached a state of almost holy determination after her recent rebranding in the flyweight world. One thing is without doubt, and that is that for Rose Namajunas, the journey to flyweight glory is not just about winning championships – it's about proving that true champions defy expectations and overcome adversity with grace and determination.

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