Seth Rollins On Board With "LOL CONOR MCGREGOR IS LIGHT"

Seth Rollins and Conor McGregor both have huge matches this weekend. Different, promotions, different forms of entertainment, and still, they're prompted to talk about one another.

Rollins, who competes for the first ever WWE Universal Championship Sunday at Summerslam, appeared on ESPN this week to promote the show. During the appearance, Rollins was asked about Conor McGregor's recent comments regarding WWE wrestlers being 'pussies.' Rollins didn't hesitate to bite back at McGregor.

"It sounds like Conor is taking a page out of our playbook and trying to sell a few extra PPVs before Saturday. It's Conor being Conor. If he was serious about it, guy’s 5’6”, 145 or whatever he walks around at, I don’t know, but you can see me here, I’m a full-size human being, so if he wants to come around and try to slap the face off me or whatever insult he’s got for the day, by all means, come step into our ring and see what you got," Rollins said.

For the record, McGregor competes at 170 pounds this weekend against Nate Diaz at UFC 202. Fortunately, Rollins did at least use the situation to help promote a cruiserweight division that many in the company have been burying with subtlety since the McGregor situation took off.

"I think he’d make a fantastic cruiserweight. You know we’ve got a new cruiserweight division coming to Raw were the guys have to be 205 pounds or less, so he could fit right into there. If he wants to come into the ring with the heavyweights, he might need to eat some pizzas and drink a few more gallons of milk," said Rollins.

Rollins will face Finn Balor at Summerslam this Sunday for the WWE Universal Championship.

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