Several WWE Wrestlers Challenge Conor McGregor, Comment On Him Ripping WWE

As we've covered extensively here, Conor McGregor caused quite a stir with his comments from a UFC media call Friday, saying the majority of WWE talents are "pussies."

Several wrestling talents didn't take too kindly to the comments and trashed McGregor on Twitter. Roman Reigns notably mentioned that McGregor was "the size of his leg," but it didn't end there. Ric Flair, AJ Styles, Big E, Bubba Ray all also chimed in. 

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United States Champion Rusev criticized McGregor for only competing for "15 minutes twice a year." It's worth noting that six of McGregor's last seven scheduled fights were all set for five rounds, and barring injuries, he usually competes more than twice a year.

Chris Jericho channeled his inner troll, and said his matches are real, unlike 'worked' MMA fights. 

Ric Flair trashed McGregor for stealing his gimmick, and cited Ronda Rousey and Anderson Silva as having more class.

Baron Corbin, who has amateur boxing and competition grappling experience, challenged McGregor's notion.

Former NXT trainer Bill Demott made a comment, although it's not necessarily clear what he was angling for. 

AJ Styles, who made a career being smaller than many of his opponents, said the WWE doesn't have a featherweight division.

Fellow Irishman Sheamus had some interesting words for McGregor.

Bubba Ray also seemed pretty confident that Kurt Angle in his late 40s would stretch McGregor

Tag Champion Big E simply accepted any challenge thrown his way. 

As did Curtis Axel.

Kurt Angle didn't find much humor in the story.

Myself and Showdown Joe Ferraro will examine the Conor McGregor- WWE situation as well as debunking some of the myths related to the call-outs and McGregor's comments.

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