Showdown Joe: Colby Covington On TUF? Sign Me Up


Just when you thought the UFC was likely trying to figure out what to do with welterweight Colby Covington and his negative persona, they may be doing what they do best: spin into a money making proposition.


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There is no denying that Covington is a polarizing figure. Fans and fighters alike either love him and cheer on his every move or despise him, hating on the very ounce of his being. But no matter which side of the Colby line you are on, the UFC may be seeing dollar signs.


As seen here on Fightful MMA, Covington stated he is being targeted as a coach on TUF, opposite welterweight champion Tyron Woodley. Nothing has been signed yet, and heck, it may just be Colby spouting off again, but where there is smoke, there is often fire.


Will both Woodley and Covington boost ratings for TUF? Likely not, but one can only imagine if people tuned in to a season with both of them as coaches, the craziness would be epic.


Colby is not one to mince words. He will say anything and drop an f-bomb in between each sentence. He has no issues rocking the boat and could care less who he may be offending. And with the champion in his crosshairs for 6-8 weeks of filming, we can only imagine how amazing the build-up for a potential bout between the two could be.


To make things interesting, how sweet would it be if the show’s casting producers brought in some Brazilian talent for the would be ‘Ultimate Fighters’? The altercations would be crazy as everyone would be trying to get a piece of the American. Considering what he said in his post-fight interview after defeating Demian Maia in Brazil and that he has yet to retract or back down from those statements, it would be no holds barred on the show.


Calling a country and it’s people “filthy animals” is borderline insane, but that’s what Covington did and the backlash is still talked about to this day. Just imagine what he would say while being mic’d up for a reality show. It would be a production staffs dream.


While it’s just a rumor at the moment, I for one sincerely hope both parties can put pen to paper. Covington may be a disaster waiting to happen but the truth of the matter, any press for Woodley is good press.


Tyron is not in many people’s good books so perhaps being seen on TUF for 13 episodes good do his image good. As the potential ‘good guy’ in a coin flip of personalities vs. Covington, I cannot see a downside for ‘The Chosen One’.


Then the match-up between the two would make for some fun MMA. There would be a whole lot of tension in the octagon, perhaps making Tyron return to his aggressive roots, in hopes to put a hurtin’ on his former teammate.


The stories between the due seem endless so why not expose them all via The Ultimate Fighter.


Here’s hoping the UFC can get these guys to sign up cause as you know, I already have.

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