Showdown Joe: MMA Intrigue, Eye Rolls, Head Scratching


As the tide changes in the MMA ocean, so do the storylines we often think are predictable. Every time we feel we can sit back and proclaim we have it figured out, leave it up to some of the top names in our sport to make us mentally stand on guard.


Former UFC Title Challenger, Bellator Champ Rory MacDonald Retires From MMA

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon ‘Bones’ Jones has stated he would like to work with Daniel Cormier. Yes, you read that correctly. He wants to work with “DC”, his arch-nemesis for the past few years.


Jones’ is as predictable as the winning lotto numbers. Every time you think you have him figured out, he switches things on you. The question of sincerely and and whether he is truly being genuine has many of us scratching our heads.


I mean every time Jon does something good (or great), it’s often followed up by behavior and actions that are the complete polar opposite. With Jon, time will tell. For the most part, anyone who has followed his career knows that the trust has been broken.


We no longer trust his words, but rather his actions. And they must be consistent over a long period of time. And even so, there will always be that little voice in the back of our minds saying “wait for it … just wait for it” reminding us that there could be a screw-up along the way.


Unfortunately, for yours truly, I’m somewhat the forgiving type and cannot seem to help to give Jon (and most) the benefit of the doubt. I do wish him well. I do (want) to believe him, but should something go wrong, this time, I will not be surprised. I’ll just shrug my shoulders and not be shocked at all.


And speaking of shocked …


I may be overreacting here, but with former UFC women’s bantamweight champion set to make a big announcement, I will be surprised if it has anything to do with her return to mixed martial arts competition.


Based on what Fightful Managing Editor Sean Ross Sapp is hearing, “Rowdy” may be officially migrating from the octagon to the squared circle. Her days in MMA could be behind her while her future could be incredibly bright in the world of professional wrestling.


With Amanda Nunes such a dominant force in the bantamweight class, Cris Cyborg now the featherweight champ, Ronda’s only true live to championship glory is at 125 lbs. I do not know her well enough to determine whether she could cut those extra ten pounds, but I’m leaning towards “not gonna happen”.


Instead, with some proper training and her four horsewomen crew, she can have a wonderful career under the WWE banner. Heck, I’d tune in to watch her perform even with my days of watching rasslin’ consistently long gone. I’d like to see her cut a promo too. I personally know she’s quite witty, but will it translate well on a WWE mic? Time will tell.


Just like Paulie Malignaggi’s stories about his sparring time with Conor McGregor.


Seems the New Yorker does not have a whole lot of nice things to say about “The Notorious” and his time spent overseas mixing it up with the Irishman. From time in the ring to accommodations issues, the former WBA Welterweight Champ has labelled McGregor a “dirtbag” and says he will share much more at a later date.


In time, we will know if it’s sour grapes from “Paulie” or if he simply went there with good intentions and was treated poorly, had enough, and left to keep his own dignity.


Either way, getting into a PR battle with McGregor is not a fight he will win … Conor’s brand is too strong but if Malignaggi is willing to lose a bit to gain a lot, then he can continue this media tour and see where it takes him.


It’s a story that has me intrigued, as I’m very interested to know the truth. We don’t know the full side of the American’s story. We barely know the Irishman’s side of it all. And when it all comes out, I’ll be the guy standing somewhere in the middle with my ears wrapped around the truth.


From headlines courtesy of Jones, Rousey and McGregor, the saga that is MMA keeps us more than entertained outside of the competition platform as it does when the actual action is taking place. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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