SPONSORED: 7 Incredible Gambling Stories

There are several incredible stories around gambling. Here are some famous ones that are awe-inspiring for sure.

Indeed, the world of gambling is closer and more accessible than ever, allowing people to try their hand at different casino games simply by visiting certain websites. Many even have promos such as 150 free spins no deposit. This allows visitors to a site to try their hands at different slot games for free. It is a great way to explore slots and even be able to win money through such free spins.

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The Story of Patricia DeMauro

She is a grandmother and comes from New Jersey. Her luck turned when she decided to try it on gambling at the Borgata casino. The event took place when she travelled to Atlantic City in May 2009. She started by playing craps, and it went on setting up a new record in the world of gambling. She played for 4 hours 18 minutes, within which she threw the dice total of 154 times. In all that time, she did not hit 7 even once. As a result, she broke her previous records set about 20 years before the incident. Her luck is something that is the envy of many, and it is said that she walked out of the casino with a million in winnings.

God of Roulette

This is the title given to Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo. Born in Madrid in 1947, he is known for having beaten the roulette wheel. He is known to have developed a legal method to beat the game. He developed the method after gathering data from different places. Finally, he found roulette in a casino in Madrid that favoured certain numbers. He won 70 million in pesetas in 1992 at Gran Madrid casino. This was equivalent to 700,000 dollars in those times.

Kerry Packer and His Roller-Coaster Wins and Losses

He is an interesting figure whose name still circulates among famous gambling stories. He is known to have been a high-roller at casinos, a media tycoon who threw away most of his money at various card tables. In 1999 he threw away as much as 28 million dollars during three weeks at a casino in London. However, he did win $33 million once time at Las Vegas at MGM Grand. He also succeeded in blackjack to the extent that the Aspinall casino in London shut down because of that.

Terry Watanabe and His Gambling Problem

Terry Watanabe became CEO of Oriental Trading Company, formed by his father. He then sold the company to a private equity company in 2000 and amassed a lot of wealth. He then faced gambling and drinking problems and made astronomical losses at one of the Las Vegas casino chains, called Harrah. He ended up losing more than $200 million during the gambling binge that he embarked on during the year 2007. That year, 6% of Harrah’s total revenue was contributed by Terry Watanabe. Later on, it went to the courtroom with Harrah filing criminal charges against Terry.

Man who Gambled All on a Single Spin and Won

Ashley Revell is known for the luck he had in an all-or-nothing roulette game he played. This was in 2004 when land-based casinos and roulette tables were gaining in popularity. Ashley was by then a professional gambler who participated in the mini reality series called “Double or Nothing.” It is said that he sold all that he owned and gambled on a single spin on the roulette wheel in Plaza Hotel Casino at Las Vegas. He gambled a total amount of $135,300 and placed a bet on 7 red. The ball ended up in the same slot, and he doubled his money, winning $270,600.

A Gamble that Saved FedEx

This successful company did have a crunch at a time when the founder gambled the last $5000 and was able to make it into $332000. As a result, he was able to save his company from financial ruin. Three years after founding the company, Frederick W Smith faced losses from rising costs of fuel, and the company was on the verge of going bankrupt. At the low point when there was only $5000 left to the company’s name, Smith took the money and played blackjack in Las Vegas over the weekend. By Monday, the company had $32000 in the bank account.

Bet on Tiger Woods’s Comeback

Sports betting also has its share of stories. Among them, the one about James Adducci is how he was in serious debt but decided to wager all his life savings on a game played by Tiger Woods in April 2019. It was the final round of the Master’s Tournament in Augusta, Georgia. His bet won, and he gained $1.2 million.

The above stories show how luck favoured many, who staked most of their earnings and savings. Of course, it has also led to many people going bankrupt or developing serious addiction problems.

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