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PayPal has become one of the most popular payment options in recent times. It’s quick, it's easy, it can be downloaded instantly and be used for anything. Most businesses online will come with a PayPal option. It can be used to check out faster than any other service. No longer will you have to get out your bank card and fill out all of the numbers. It can be easier for online casinos especially. Free Slots can help get your bonus winnings withdrawn easier too. Here is a handy guide on how to use PayPal effectively in online gambling.

History of PayPal

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The first version that was known as PayPal began back in 1999. This was the first electronic payment system created by the company known as X.com. This online banking company was founded by none other than Elon Musk himself. It was himself that was optimistic about the future of online payments and strived to invest in anything that could bring this revolutionary idea to life. Currently, in January 2021, PayPal became the first foreign operator with 100% control of its payments in the country of China. Advancing on a global scale has always been part of their goals.

How It Works

PayPal works as an intermediary between different sources. For gambling purposes, it will be the go-between for the casino and the player’s bank account. Most modern online casinos are relatively safe. Thanks to the gambling licenses and SSL Encryption, most casinos' payment methods can be very secure. As mentioned before, PayPal offers you the choice to not distribute your credit or debit card details to the casino itself. These details will already be set up on your PayPal account. PayPal will handle the transaction for you and offer your money directly to the casino.

You must first set up a PayPal account to begin with, so you can have access to these services. When setting up your account, it will ask for your personal and financial details. This will set everything up in preparation for payments. The personal information is to make sure that it is you who is using this account. For the most part, when using a payment, they will mainly ask for your log-in details. Setting up your username and password will be your priority. A small fee will be charged if this is a business payment. Fortunately, most payments, such as from stores or at casinos, will require no additional fee.

Where to Find an Online Casino

To find the best online casino, you can see for yourself by visiting the official websites. You don't need to set up an online casino account to view the information. The website will openly state what kind of banking options they have. They are normally tucked away in the sub-pages. The list of payment options may even tell you which are acceptable for deposits and withdrawals. Since PayPal is so popular, you will find its name in many of the casinos available. From there on, it comes down to other preferences like what casino you want to choose.

Advantages to Using PayPal

PayPal can serve many functions. Primarily, it is the fastest way to make a payment. You don’t have to offer any details. Just use PayPal, and then you can instantly make a payment by logging in. Another great advantage is that it can work as a limiter. In other words, it can be used as a bankroll to help prevent gambling addiction for professional players. Manage your wins and your losses by setting yourself a limit on what you spend with PayPal. With the tracking information, you can keep a record of what you spend and how much you have withdrawn. It's an easy way to keep accurate records of your finances.

Disadvantages to PayPal

As mentioned before, some fees can be applied to PayPal. This is determined by whether or not the transaction is determined as a business fee. This will apply a percentage-based fee that can vary depending on the currency being used. Another disadvantage that has been shared from reviews is the slow customer support. However, this has been improved over time thanks to customer feedback.

Best PayPal Casinos

Here are a few recommendations for the best PayPal casinos online:

BetVictor Casino – A sleek casino that offers a nice welcome bonus. Not only do they offer casino games, but they also offer Live Casino, Sports betting, and promotional offers. All of which can be found easily on the handy subcategories. PayPal allows you to wager fast and use any of these services.

Party Casino – A fun-filled place of wonder and enjoyment. This casino packs a lot of creative games produced by some of the most interactive gambling providers in the business. You can encounter great welcome offers, too, with 50 free spins on their most popular slot game, Starburst. PayPal can be used here to get these free spins almost instantly with no extra hassle.

PlayZee – An online casino that has an incredible welcome offer. This can apply to your first few deposits and is spread out equally among them. You can enjoy a holiday-themed theme as the content reflects their heavenly demeanour. PayPal can make these deposits run as smoothly as ever.

Why Choose PayPal?

Thanks to its great accomplishments over the years, PayPal has been recognised as a household name. Almost everyone from all over the world knows about PayPal and has been using it for many years beforehand. You will no doubt have encountered PayPal from either your friends or your favourite store. Their current revenue has reached over $220 billion alone and steadily increasing. It has become such a trusted name that almost all facets of business have now put a stake in it. This gives you all you need to make an informed decision on using such a reliable payment option. For online casinos, it can be your safety net to begin your online gambling journey.

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